Here we are. Half way through January! Yay!

Colorado is cold. Like 6 degrees cold sometimes.  Then it warms up to like 50 then is butt cold again. High of 15?!? It's crazy!

But I do love love looooooove the snow and love that it just hangs around a few days then melts just before coating everything all over again. 

I have finally found myself recovered from Christmas and all the traveling that has gone on. Whew! That was a lot! I am recovered. My house? Not so much.

 photo 2CA4DF76-FAED-4D2F-BFC0-7C44218CAC50-2131-0000022E39C5C07B.jpg  photo 94E45272-A71D-488A-B46F-EEC1EA2C7F14-5455-0000052BCD162036.jpg
GM Kicking  ::  Ava Climbing

Back in December I knew that January was going to be cold. So cold! And I decided to sign the girls up for all sorts of activities to keep our bodies warm and active.


At the first of the year we also got an annual pass to the local rec center and for the past few weeks we have been going there nonstop. And although it's a little crazy I'm so glad we did it. It's making January a little less weary.

I have attended a Hip Hop dance class (that I plan to keep attending even if I look/feel like a foo) and have been back to Yoga. I want to get all stretchy and strong before spring so I can run again.

No worries though - we also have been eating a lot of cake! Lately Orange Chocolate Layer Cake.


Christen Noelle said...

You are adorable...and the BEST mom evah!!! I am glad you are feeling better and glad you are keeping your little ones warm and busy :)

the crew said...

yay! glad you are doing better. We have all been sick and trying to recover so my house probably looks similar to yours! Winter is weary where we are- it just seems to last forever- activities sure help!

the crew said...
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Jord said...

You are so so great, doing what matters, and keeping it real. The rec center sounds awesome and I'm excited about house hunting in your future. I'm glad you're feeling better and will be making myself a green power drink tomorrow in your honor. And I'm calling you soon because its been too long. :)

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