Christmas in CA

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Utah covered in snow

We loaded up in the wee hours of the morning a few days before Christmas and headed to Southern CA to be with Easy's family. This will be his parents last Christmas living there so we planned all sorts of fun California-y things to do.

The trek across the Utah, Nevada, and California deserts was long but so worth it as we were greeted by our loved ones. Unfortunately the next day GM was hit by a stomach bug that eventually took down one family member at a time.


Christmas Eve we headed out El Matador State Beach in Malibu for family pictures. I was glad we got there before the rest of the family because it was so beautiful and it gave the girls some time to play.


I wish that we had discovered this beach before now.


I honestly could have stayed there all day.


That night we ate a big feast and stayed up to wrap presents and play Santa.


The girls came bounding down the stairs the next morning in their new Scottish nightgowns provided by Grandma and one by one opened their gifts. Upon opening the (play) computer Roo had asked for she scowled and let out a, "I do not want this! I wanted a dolly!!" We all had a good laugh and gave her the package she was wanting. 


The archery set Ava got was a hit! Not quite as much for her, but for all the adults. With some more practice I'm sure she'll be just as enthusiastic. 


Since Grandpa has taught archery Easy and I turned the instructing over to him. She has perfect form.


The last thing we all wanted to to Christmas afternoon was sit around so we took off to explore Vasquez Rocks. We should have left Roo. She was very grumpy and Easy carried her much of the time.

IMG_5086   IMG_5094

The older girls were all about it finding every nook and cranny to hide in. 


They love having so much attention from adoring aunts and uncles. 

At the end of the day I felt blessed beyond measure for having such an amazing family and being married into one. Each one of my daughters is a gift. My husband is a gift. I am blessed to be a mother and a daughter. I am grateful for a Savior and for a life full of joy. That is what my Christmas in California was all about. 

...more to come. 


sheena said...

Such a cool beach!!

I just love your little fam.

Ash said...

Great pictures! That was so fun, I miss you guys so much already!

Jord said...

Beautiful pictures of your beautiful kids! I love archer Ava and your explorations on Christmas day. The story about Roo is classic.

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