A Sick Mom


After a week of what I assume was the flu then a massive face/head cold I think I'm finally ready to face the world again (not to mention a fat cold sore on my lip).

Mom's should not be allowed to get sick.

My kids have spent more time on the iPad this week and watching movies than I would ever admit to. Laundry has piled up and everything seems so out of place.

I have been making green drink after green drink the past few days to boost my immune system back up and I think it's really working. This morning I woke up feeling energized and ready to face my life.

We did have a great weekend of running errands and playing.

Saturday morning I got up in the wee hours and attended Denver Temple with a few ladies from church. It was freezing! When we came out there was the lightest amount of snow falling. It was sparkling in the early morning light and dancing on the icy breeze. I took in a deep breath and knew I was in the right place despite my consistent sniffling and headache.

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I was able to do some necessary shopping that I've been putting off since weaning dear Rosie. After 4 pregnancies and nursing 4 babies I probably own enough bras to open up my own second hand store. Unfortunately not one fits me right.

We then watched Mae in her second Karate class. She was so serious, focused, and actually quite good. I see a black belt in her future. My eyes watered the whole time as I sniffled quietly on the side. I'm sure all the other parents thought I was an emotional wreck. I just really needed some NyQuil and a soft pillow.

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We had lunch at our favorite local cafe/ice cream shoppe and then looked at houses as we plan to buy in the next few months here. Eeeeek!

By then I was an absolute mess and spent the next hour curled up on the couch while Easy took the older girls to a baptism.

I overdid it, but I couldn't stand the weekend going by with me lying in bed nursing my cold.

This morning I made Easy and I each a green drink (apple juice, orange juice, kale, spinach, frozen bananas, parsley, broccoli), made lunches, drove the big girls to school, started laundry, took note that my cold sore is no longer noticeable, tidied Roo's room, and snuggled my Rosie.

Mom's back folks!

And it feels so good.



Clandestine Road said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. That drink looks serious.

It stinks to be sick because there is no rest, only, "I can't move, but I have to get ----- and --- done" and it is a stressful mess.

tt moreno said...

sorry about your cold, im still waiting to get one. And your boots! I got the same ones from "santa". comfy right?

Candy said...

glad you are on the up and up! I've had a stinking cough for two months I swear.

Pretty please send me some of your skinny vibes if you get a chance. :)

I was laughing at your bra picture because I too was just recently bra shopping. 4 pregnancies and 4 nursing babies has done a sad little number on my girls. I'm seriously THE smallest size of bra they make. crap.

Aubrey said...

I used to get cold sores and discovered that Lysine works miracles. As soon as you feel one forming, take 3-4 and then keep your system full of it and it will go away before anyone can see it. Hopefully it'll work for you as well as it has for me.

Rachel said...

I still have not gone bra shopping since Eli and it's killing me! Owning so many in so many sizes but nope not one fits right. Hope you found a winner. ;)

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