sledding in the back yard

Back in December, on the first day of winter break, the girls and I were all loaded up in the car headed home from Target.


I looked in my rear view mirror at the 2 blonde headed girls in the very back. Their faces were bright. They were whispering to each other and at random, bursts of laughter would escape their mouths. Their hands would cover their faces and wave through the air sporadically as they spoke. I can't remember what they were talking about. I just remember those faces and that laughter.


I said to them, "Aren't you two so excited that school is out and you get to spend all day together?"

They shouted, and giggled, "YES!"


I said, "Are you guys like best sisters?" 


Ava looked at her Sissy Bear, then to me and replied, "We are like best friends!" 



Our puppy is getting huge!

Most days I love him. 
Some days (when he rips a hole in my new sweater) I hate him. 

I've been keeping my Grandma (his breeder) updated on his growth and I've been sending her occasional pics. 

From today:



We plan to have hime neutered next month. 
Poor guy will be stripped of his manhood. 

Oh, and he heels on a leash like a champ now. 
We are even starting to run with him. Wheeeeee!

The only problem is that he never wants to slow down and if you let him he would chew your face off. 


Morning Do-Over

IMG_5191 IMG_5194
IMG_5190 IMG_5196

This morning I woke with a headache.

I think I need a do-over. 

I attribute it to little Rosie waking at 2:30am.

(my cuddling her,
laying her back down,
her screaming,
me trying to ignore her ,
me worrying about her waking everyone else up,
me going back to cuddle her more,
finding her stinking the whole room up with her toxic poop,
changing her diaper,
holding her again,
finally laying her back down then ignoring her cries until we all fall back asleep)

I hit snooze three times after 7am.
In retrospect I should have just kept hitting it.
When I finally got up Roo was on the toilet crying for me to wipe her bottom.

I went in to wake the big girls. Mae was so excited that the tooth fairy came last night and gave her a dollar for her very first tooth! 

Ava was crying because she didn't want to wear the new pants I got her for school. 
I hurried them to get dressed when suddenly MaeMae pouts off about her shirt "feeling funny."

They all get breakfast.

(i get Rosie up, 
put the dog out, 
feed the dog, 
make Ava's lunch, 
get Mae's snack, 
put folder's in backpacks, 
feed the baby, 
put the dog back out)

Then it's off to school and over to the Rec center to see if Mae's coat was in the lost and found. 
...And it wasn't. 

Back home. 
Rosie is down for a much needed early nap. 
Roo is eating applesauce and watching Dora.

I finally have a moment to eat something myself. 
I'm thinking a huge green smoothie with all sorts of energy boosting goodness, antioxidants, and lots of protein.

Then I think I'll have a nap.



Here we are. Half way through January! Yay!

Colorado is cold. Like 6 degrees cold sometimes.  Then it warms up to like 50 then is butt cold again. High of 15?!? It's crazy!

But I do love love looooooove the snow and love that it just hangs around a few days then melts just before coating everything all over again. 

I have finally found myself recovered from Christmas and all the traveling that has gone on. Whew! That was a lot! I am recovered. My house? Not so much.

 photo 2CA4DF76-FAED-4D2F-BFC0-7C44218CAC50-2131-0000022E39C5C07B.jpg  photo 94E45272-A71D-488A-B46F-EEC1EA2C7F14-5455-0000052BCD162036.jpg
GM Kicking  ::  Ava Climbing

Back in December I knew that January was going to be cold. So cold! And I decided to sign the girls up for all sorts of activities to keep our bodies warm and active.


At the first of the year we also got an annual pass to the local rec center and for the past few weeks we have been going there nonstop. And although it's a little crazy I'm so glad we did it. It's making January a little less weary.

I have attended a Hip Hop dance class (that I plan to keep attending even if I look/feel like a foo) and have been back to Yoga. I want to get all stretchy and strong before spring so I can run again.

No worries though - we also have been eating a lot of cake! Lately Orange Chocolate Layer Cake.


A Sick Mom


After a week of what I assume was the flu then a massive face/head cold I think I'm finally ready to face the world again (not to mention a fat cold sore on my lip).

Mom's should not be allowed to get sick.

My kids have spent more time on the iPad this week and watching movies than I would ever admit to. Laundry has piled up and everything seems so out of place.

I have been making green drink after green drink the past few days to boost my immune system back up and I think it's really working. This morning I woke up feeling energized and ready to face my life.

We did have a great weekend of running errands and playing.

Saturday morning I got up in the wee hours and attended Denver Temple with a few ladies from church. It was freezing! When we came out there was the lightest amount of snow falling. It was sparkling in the early morning light and dancing on the icy breeze. I took in a deep breath and knew I was in the right place despite my consistent sniffling and headache.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

I was able to do some necessary shopping that I've been putting off since weaning dear Rosie. After 4 pregnancies and nursing 4 babies I probably own enough bras to open up my own second hand store. Unfortunately not one fits me right.

We then watched Mae in her second Karate class. She was so serious, focused, and actually quite good. I see a black belt in her future. My eyes watered the whole time as I sniffled quietly on the side. I'm sure all the other parents thought I was an emotional wreck. I just really needed some NyQuil and a soft pillow.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

We had lunch at our favorite local cafe/ice cream shoppe and then looked at houses as we plan to buy in the next few months here. Eeeeek!

By then I was an absolute mess and spent the next hour curled up on the couch while Easy took the older girls to a baptism.

I overdid it, but I couldn't stand the weekend going by with me lying in bed nursing my cold.

This morning I made Easy and I each a green drink (apple juice, orange juice, kale, spinach, frozen bananas, parsley, broccoli), made lunches, drove the big girls to school, started laundry, took note that my cold sore is no longer noticeable, tidied Roo's room, and snuggled my Rosie.

Mom's back folks!

And it feels so good.



No More Funerals

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone AppEllis Lewis (lying) with kids and nieces. My dad is the little blonde boy. 
Circa 1950

I have recently returned from NV again where little Rosie and I attended my Grandpa Lewis' funeral. 

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

We brought the flu home with us. Little girl and I are both looking and feeling amazingly pathetic.

But we are here. 

I have lost both of my grandpas in 3 months time. I grew up down the street from Grandpa Lewis and will miss not having him there, but I am grateful his spirit is out of that old (98!!) body. I'm sure he is dancing with my grandma. 

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App   Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

I'm grateful to have grandparents who have lived well into their 80's and 90's. I hope my girls can have the relationships with mine and Easy's parents that I had with my grandparents.

Big girls with Grandma Deborah and Grandpa Kent 2 weeks ago in CA

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Rosie and my mom last week in NV

And I hope that they all live a really really really long time. 

No more funerals for 2013!! 


Christmas in CA

 Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Utah covered in snow

We loaded up in the wee hours of the morning a few days before Christmas and headed to Southern CA to be with Easy's family. This will be his parents last Christmas living there so we planned all sorts of fun California-y things to do.

The trek across the Utah, Nevada, and California deserts was long but so worth it as we were greeted by our loved ones. Unfortunately the next day GM was hit by a stomach bug that eventually took down one family member at a time.


Christmas Eve we headed out El Matador State Beach in Malibu for family pictures. I was glad we got there before the rest of the family because it was so beautiful and it gave the girls some time to play.


I wish that we had discovered this beach before now.


I honestly could have stayed there all day.


That night we ate a big feast and stayed up to wrap presents and play Santa.


The girls came bounding down the stairs the next morning in their new Scottish nightgowns provided by Grandma and one by one opened their gifts. Upon opening the (play) computer Roo had asked for she scowled and let out a, "I do not want this! I wanted a dolly!!" We all had a good laugh and gave her the package she was wanting. 


The archery set Ava got was a hit! Not quite as much for her, but for all the adults. With some more practice I'm sure she'll be just as enthusiastic. 


Since Grandpa has taught archery Easy and I turned the instructing over to him. She has perfect form.


The last thing we all wanted to to Christmas afternoon was sit around so we took off to explore Vasquez Rocks. We should have left Roo. She was very grumpy and Easy carried her much of the time.

IMG_5086   IMG_5094

The older girls were all about it finding every nook and cranny to hide in. 


They love having so much attention from adoring aunts and uncles. 

At the end of the day I felt blessed beyond measure for having such an amazing family and being married into one. Each one of my daughters is a gift. My husband is a gift. I am blessed to be a mother and a daughter. I am grateful for a Savior and for a life full of joy. That is what my Christmas in California was all about. 

...more to come. 

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