Metropolis NV

Remember how I said I'd tell you more about our little Metropolis visit? Well here it is. It's a great and kinda sad story.

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On our drive to NV Easy brought up maybe visiting a ghost town. When searching for one Metropolis sparked my attention because I vaguely remembered that I had family who once ranched in the area. That and it wasn't far off the main road. I thought that my mom's family was here for a couple of years as kids then they moved on to another place because things didn't work out for them. In retrospect I should have called my mom to set me straight before even stepping out of the car. 

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I had somewhat of a hard time finding directions online then somehow I managed to come across GPS coordinates that got us there easily winding 12 miles through the barren desert off the Wells, NV exit on I-80. In the distance we recognized the school arch and shortly the road came to where once stood a grand hotel. Only the footings of the foundation remain at the hotel and the bank vault in the center towers out from what once was the basement.

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A little farther down the road stands the school arch. The basement of the school was pretty creepy with precarious looking stairs that led down on either side on the interior of the arch. Underneath there were glimpses of chalkboards and on the far southwest side the ceiling partially caved in. Needless to say, we didn't stay in there too long.

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After picnicking outside the school we decided to try to find the cemetery. When we arrived at it we found that it was both fenced and locked. It didn't look near a interesting as I had hoped. I was tempted to hop the fence and take a look around but hesitated. There was a mixture of old and new headstones with fake flowers all around. Easy told me to go for it, but I shrugged it off and instead we snooped around a little more in the sagebrush finding an old car and foundations then headed back to the main road.

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On arriving at my parents home in Fallon I immediately told my mom about our adventure and asked her what our family's relation really was to the Metropolis area. She told me that it was her dad's (my grandpa's) parents that lived there and that in fact they (my great grandparents), Ashel and Winnie Hyde, were buried in that cemetery along with many other family members.

My jaw dropped. I looked online and sure enough there are about 15 Hydes buried out there in the middle of that desert. A place that doesn't get visited often and one I likely might never visit again.

My grandma came over that night and we talked more about it. I was sick over my decision not to hop the fence at the cemetery. Almost literally sick - I felt horrible. I would have recognized their names instantly and might have done a few cartwheels unknowingly coming across such a thing.

Actually now that I think of it we really really need to go back. I think it'd be totally worth it!


christy said...

Now I'm itching for details about this ghost town-how it came to be deserted, etc. Cool story. I love how you guys always have fun adventures wherever you are.

Katie said...

um, I want to be like you when I grow up. ;) Your are seriously such an awesome mom. Ghost towns, chopping down your own tree, all these fun family memories. Seriously, I think it's awesome and hope to be able to do the same for my family! and because its easier to continue here than write a new comment, I love that your tree is not super full. It gives it a very welcoming, charming feel. Nice pick, Eric!

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