DIY Canopy - Every Girl Needs One


Each year for Christmas I like to personally make a few of the gifts for my girls. This year Ava asked for a bed canopy and I decided that it would be simple enough to do on my own. 

And fortunately I took pics along the way for a little tutorial of sorts.


1 16' embroidery hoop (inside only)
4 pieces of tulle cut as tall as your room - mine were 8' long. They come in 54" widths.
Colored felt for the dots cut into 1-1.5" circles
Sewing skills + machine


Start by sewing all 4 of the tulle pieces together along the 8' edge. I used a sharp size 9 needle and had a medium-long stitch length - it was much easier to sew than anticipated.

Next take the hoop and fold about 4" of the top edge of the tulle over the outside of the hoop so the raw edge is on the inside of the hoop. I know that makes no sense. See picture above :) Then slide it under your needle - this would probably have been easier to handle if I had pinned it, but I never pin.

image-3.jpeg image-4.jpeg
During and after step 2.

Then around and around we sew until reaching the other side. 

image-5.jpeg image-7.jpeg 

Next, stitch a seam just on the opposite (top) side of the hoop so there would be a nice puff on the top. Again see pictures for better instruction.

image-9.jpeg image-10.jpeg

The fun really starts now when adding the felt dots.

photo image-11.jpeg

They were first just added right along the raw edge where the canopy splits open. I spaced them about 3" apart.

image-13.jpeg image-16.jpeg

Then I decided there needed to be more so I added more dots down each of the 3 seams in the tulle from step1.

Of course I had to try it out. So, I tied some pink ribbon on it, hung it above her bed, and while she was at school I laid under it for a few minutes.

It was pretty magical.

 I have plenty of extra dots left too as I'm sure Miss Mae is going to be wanting one real soon.

It's true, every girl really needs one - maybe even me too. 


Meg said...

I love it! My girls would totally love something like this. What little girl wouldn't?

Alyssa said...

So darling! What a great gift!

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