Going to meet their teachers in AR, Aug 2012
Ave (6) MaeMae (5)

Today I'm trying to get my head straight and things organized in preps for our trip to So Cal for Christmas.

I'm having a really hard time focusing though - I have all weekend. As I'm doing laundry, making lunch, putting Rosie down for a nap, I keep drifting into a daze thinking about what happened over the weekend in CT. I cannot count the times since Friday that I have fought back tears.

This morning I lost my keys so I took the girls to school a little late. There was a police officer in the parking lot and my mind drifted to the tragedy. As I walked them in I exchanged smiles and a "hello" with their amazing principal - who is always visible, out greeting parents, relating to the children, and sharing her warm demeanor. I walked down the hall and dropped Mae off while quickly speaking with her wonderful Kindergarten teacher. Ava ran down to her room and by the time I caught up with her she was already chatting with friends in her first grade class. She gave me a big smile and a thumbs up. My mind drifted again.

My heart thumped hard as I waved goodbye and walked out of the school. A big part of me wanted to turn around, scoop them up and take them back home. But I knew they were safe with those caring and capable women.

What happened last Friday was unthinkable and unimaginable. I ache for every family that was effected. I pray that they will be comforted. I pray that those hurt can forgive and be healed over time.

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Ash said...

Great post. I fought back tears often after i heard about the shooting as well, especially when I thought about your girls. I can only imagine what its like hearing that story as an actual parent. So heartbreaking and tragic.

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