A Christmas Wreath


I don't think we can go back to having a fake tree. There are just too many perks of having a real one. Like the smell, how unique each one is, and all that you can do with those little branches after trimming it.

Once our tree was up and sparkling I got my floral design hands working again (they are pretty rusty).  I used the lower branches we had to cut off to make a fresh wreath for the wall.

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It felt so good to get my hands all sappy, smelly, and dirty. It reminded me of the Christmas' I spent in flower shops creating fresh pieces for tables, celebrations, and gifts. And it's so simple! Seriously, anyone can do it.
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First clip all your branches with pruning shears to about 16" in length. Then gather together 2-3 stems depending on thickness and wire them or tie them together. I used this cut into 6" strands for the wiring. They sell it at Joann's and Hobby Lobby. Maybe even Walmart.  

Grab a few more stems and about 6" from the tips of the branches you have already wired together tie on the new ends with the woody stems underneath the pretty foliage. Continue around until you are back to the beginning. 

Use smaller stems to weave through the wreath covering all the wires and reinforce where needed with the wire. Then finish it off with a simple ribbon or attach berries!

And Hang! 

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Rach said...

THOSE CHAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that wreath is perfect, too.

so much good coming out of that house.

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