A Family Silhouette


A few weeks ago I took on a new little project. I have been seeing these little silhouette families around the internet on blogs, on Etsy, on Instagram and man, I so badly wanted to see my little family one. I loved them.

But I didn't really want to commission someone to do it. Usually when I want something I want it like now. Or yesterday. And I knew that I could probably figure out something pretty similar pretty inexpensively. 

IMG_3517 IMG_0675

So I printed out an 8x10 photo of our family that we had taken back in Arkansas. The trick to this is to print it in a light greyscale so you aren't using up all that precious ink in your printer.

Then I simply traced in thin Sharpie pen the silhouettes over the image (on the printed image side of the paper). Next, I flipped the paper over and retraced my previous lines on the back - so it actually ends up being reversed and you can also correct anything that might look a little funny from the first tracing - see below how I decided to make the hands more like mits instead of individual fingers?


It was at this point that I left it on the table and little Mae came home from Kindergarten and decided her daddy needed a face. I caught her in the act mid-smile. I yelled. She cried. I apologized for scaring her. We cuddled.

So where were we? 

I thought this looked pretty good so I then took the watercolor paper that I used for the final product and traced again - this time in pencil pressing it up against  the sliding glass door for light. 

IMG_0705 IMG_0723
Btw, I know that these watercolors from Target say they are for kids, but they so aren't for my kids. The cheap-o Crayola watercolors are for my kids. These ones are for me.

Anyway, I then proceeded to watercolor it. This was by far the most stressful part, but totally the most fun. I loved trying to get all of our hair and clothes just the right color.


And I finished it off when it was dry by outlining again in thin black Sharpie.

Easy, right? There are so many things you can use this method for. I've got my little wheels turning for a Christmas project now.


Courtney said...

so awesome!
I love the face Greta drew. So cute! ha ha
But anyways, great job! The watercolors look way fun.

Amber Goodman said...

Very cute idea! I might have to give that a try sometime.

Lechelle said...

Love this. I pinned it so I can give it a try later ;)

Rachel said...

This turned out sooo great! Maybe someday I will attempt it. I would've flipped when I saw Mae's addition to the photo, but you have to admit that is the cutest half smile ever.

Kent said...

Love this post

Jord said...

Um, this is seriously sweet. For a totally non-artistic girl I'm thinking of giving it a go.

Sarah Seibert said...
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