Her Birthday (?)


This week our baby will be one. 

She really really will.

We are in the process of weaning and taking it slowly. I don't feel like I'm holding on to it, but I know that the second we are done I will miss it. 

Her birthday is Nov 15. It's funny because every time I say her birthday I feel like it's wrong. I actually looked at her birth certificate again a few weeks ago just to make sure we celebrated on the right day.

Oh man, now I'm remembering how back last January I was making her 6 week doctor's appointment. The lady on the phone actually asked me to verify her birthday. I had just gone back to work, was juggling a new baby, + three other little ones and of course, was lacking a lot of sleep as well.

I was silent at first. It was pretty hilarious and quite awkward. Then I decided to just go for it.

"Ummmm, Novemberrrrrr 17??? No, wait...the 20th....uh...it's somewhere around there, right??? Don't you have it written down there at the office?"

"Well," she said "Yes ma'm, but we need YOU to verify it."

"Um, to tell you the truth, she is my fourth baby and I really don't know when it is. I supposed I could find it, but it might take a minute."

Silence. This is where I feel like the biggest postpartum idiot and that I should in no way be caring for a new infant child.

"Okay," she says (I imagine her rolling her eyes) "It's November 15. You might want to write it don't since you know we will ask you for it again when you come in, right?"

No! Really? I didn't even consider that day! The 15th?

So weird, but that is when it is. We aren't planning anything big just a small celebration with cake, presents, balloons, and our little family on the 15th. 

The 15th!

Don't forget.


slopfam said...

Oh, man...sounds familiar. There is ALWAYS an awkward pause when the doctor or pharmacist asks for the birthday of one of my kids. The 4 birthdays occur within 25 days of each other and it takes a moment (usually much longer) to come up with the correct response! I love when I remember (a rarity) that they are going to ask me for a birthday and I plan ahead and have the answer ready!

Courtney said...

ha ha ha ha! What a crack up!
I still remember the night that you told me you were pregnant with her! How can that be that long ago?
Miss you. Wish you were here to go grab Starbucks and talk about how crazy life is.

Rachelle said...

this is so funny hayley! i have a hard time remembering and i only have two. totally acceptable i think!

Christina // floresdelsol said...

thank you for that cute story.

Carly said...

Why do babies grow so fast? It's heartbreaking. Happy Birthday cute little Rosie!!

Candy said...

hahahaha! that's hilarious. And I swear I've done similar things..... It's called 4th baby syndrome...

Jord said...

Classic story! You definitely have company on this.

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