Big Day 2012

Today is the day! 
It's my mom's birthday! And Election Day! 

Last night I suggested to Easy that we make our best guesses as to what would happen at the polls today using the CNN Electoral map. It's kinda like setting up a bracket for March Madness.  

And the girls drew pictures for their grandma to put in the mail. 

My Map


We both projected Romney for the win (hoping maybe??) but only by a few points. 

States we differ on are NV, NM, NH, VA, and OH. Thinking that NV will go red just for my mom today. 

Roo and I are going to make political cupcakes then we will all go over to a neighbors house this evening to watch the results pour in. 

I will also have to decide the award for who guessed most accurately between Easy and I for the real results other than the typical back-rub.  

Happy Voting 
Happy Birthday Mom! 

Hyde Kids 1958. My mom is second from the left.


Carly said...

I really hope you two are right. Is it Wednesday yet????

Rach said...

wish I was your neighbor. And your mom, and that picture, ADORABLE, love it.

and I miss you!

Meg said...

It's like christmas. We're making a red, white, and blue dinner (complete with stripey jello, of course) and busting out the flags to celebrate.
PS-I hope your predictions are right!

Amber Goodman said...

I was really, really hoping too. :(

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