A Little Pow Wow


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We had the best little party for Rosie the other night. I typically make a birthday crown for the birthday girl but since I knew the little Rosie wouldn't really appreciate it I made a feather headdress for each of the girls with bits and pieces of ric-rac, ribbon, jewels, poms, lace, and feathers. They loved them and they have been wearing them proudly around since then.
Rosie can be a little stink of a baby sometimes, but we do love her so! This is by far my favorite age. I would love to keep her like this forever - giggling, playing peek-a-boo, slobbery kisses, exploring, investigating, and learning all sorts of new fun tricks.
Happy Birthday Rosie Girl!


Anonymous said...

I love the time and thought you give your girls on their birthdays. They will have tons of great memories and hopefully enjoy traditions with their own families. That being said, I find this theme very insensitive. I realize that Native American images and themes are oh so trendy right now, but many of these are used in a culturally insensitive way. Given the recent news about how these images have gone too far, I'm surprised you decided to pursue this (No Doubt's music video, Victoria Secret's head dress runway). I hope you had a long talk with your girls about the Native American experience in our country's history before you made a mockery and dumbed down their cultural heritage. If you find that too difficult and heart breaking perhaps you should have reconsidered using this theme for a one year old's party. ---Jane R.

Hays said...

Jane - since I do not follow entertainment news I have no idea what you are referring to. I can assure you though that this was not a mockery of culture or tradition. It was simply a celebration for my sweet baby. It's unfortunate that you saw it as something else.

the crew said...

Very cool and very fun!

Anonymous said...

Nailed it!

Anonymous said...

Its your favorite Megann from the HD. Can you tell me how you made the darling headdress?
This will be PERFECT for my white son's first birthday part, since he IS half native.
You have until July to respond :)
Thank you for continuing to inspire me as a wife and mother.

tt moreno said...

i cant get over it! so perfect. i love your creativity, especially the cake with the fire and lil tee pee :))))

Anonymous said...

Well if you chose a pilgram theme I suppose the puritans would be upset. People like to get worked up about things - it makes them feel superior. Comments like Janes tell more about her then anything else. I viewed it as a complement of native culture. Great post!
P.s. I wonder if Jane gets this worked up over St. Patrick's Day mockery of Irish Americans or of "the jersey shore" or (fill in anything in the popular media she likes so much)

Popi and CeCe said...

Such a great idea! I have everything ready for my grand daughters to make native headbands for Thanksgiving! Your ideas are the best...but those daughters...they are beautiful! Keep sharing, I love the fun!

Briawna said...

okay, hayley, i'm dying! first, your girls are gorgeous...as always. second, way to cause a little controversy! that's hilarious. p.s. portia just asked for an Indian party and i wonder if jane would be offended if my half black child wore a headdress. hilarious. when i grow up, i want to be like you.

Popi and CeCe said...

The headbands were a hit...even Briggs got in on the action! They were so fun for the girls to "design" and easy breezie to make for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the pictures of your fabulous models wearing theirs! Cheryl

Jord said...

Wow, this is a popular post! I can't believe Rosie is one already! You celebrated with love and creativity and I'm so glad your girls loved it!

Nicole Hay-Chapman said...

I think this post/your party theme is definitely a reflection of your appreciation of different cultures and was not chosen because "Native American images and themes are oh so trendy right now". So there <3 And! While looking at the first picture of this post with all the girls--I totally imagined a little baby boy in the middle... :)

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