Winter 2012 F&C


So instead of doing a monthly Faves and Craves I've decided to try out doing it seasonally. We will see how it works. No promises.

1. We aren't the biggest Black Friday shoppers around here, but when we saw Walmart's deal on the iPad we decided to get one for our family. I'm determined to not allow Easy or I to play with it before Chirstmas. 

2. Just got Sarah's Key from the library and can't wait to read it. Right now I'm finishing up Catcher in the Rye. 

3. I've seen and heard people talk about how awesome Benefit's Thery're Real mascara is. After getting a coupon I decided to try it out. And you know what? I love it! The only thing is it's like super strong and I think I have lost more lashes than normal using it so I'm just saving for special occasions. 

4. We are downing the hot cocoa around here! Good thing I picked up the 2.5 pounder at Costco a few weeks ago when it was on ad. We prefer it with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. Yum!!

5. Tomorrow we are heading to the mountains to cut down our very own tree! Yay! I can't wait since we have had a fake tree for the past 7 years. p.s. Ava is pretty uncomfortable with doing this - she thinks it's mean. 

6. Scarves, scarves, scarves. I'm kinda wanting one of the infinity ones like this guy. I'm freezing here!!!

7. During our 2 big snowfalls so far here in CO I've really been wanting some good snow boots. These are a bit pricey, but have excellent reviews and I'm sure would last forever. There are some that look pretty similar at Target for less than half the price. 

8. The She and Him Christmas Pandora station plays nonstop around here through Christmas.

9. I love Method cleaners and soaps. Their new Orla Kiely line is both cute and smells heavenly. Makes what I hate most (cleaning) a little more fun.


A Birthday and a Puppy

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The day before Thanksgiving our oldest girlie turned 7. It was special to celebrate with family in Nevada. She requested we put a Turkey on her cake so I spent the morning rolling out Tootsie Rolls for the body and Starburst's for the feathers, beak, and waddle to place on top. 

It was mostly simple. We played games, opened presents and had cake. She pretty much got the most amazing custom art box ever!

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Easy and I had been thinking about the final little pup from the last litter at Grandma's and were toying with the idea of taking him home with us. I was mostly for it. He was mostly against it.  And in a temporary moment of insanity we decided to go for it. He was just such a sweet little pup and I felt like at some point we would get a dog so....why not now? I called Grandma while Easy and Ava headed to the store for a collar, leash, bowl, and food before picking up our new guy.

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Since his dad's name is Compadre we knew we wanted to name him something with a Spanish vibe (not to mock ;). After calling him Don Carlos, Cortes, and Dante we finally decided to stick with Cortes.

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After puking in the car twice and pooing once (thankfully in the kennel) we got him home. He mostly spends the day running with the girls out back, laying under the kitchen table, eating, pooing, and eating.

The ladies of the family mostly love him all except Rosie who is scared to death of him. Easy is both tolerant and supportive.

Other attempts in the Canine business:



Nevada in November

Thanksgiving happened in Nevada this year. My hometown of Fallon. It's about 60 miles east of the Reno/Lake Tahoe area.

I-70 through Colorado and into Utah is one of the most scenic and beautiful drives. As the high Rockies dropped into the red desert of Central Utah, Easy and I were seriously couldn't stop oooing and awing the whole way.

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Colorado to Utah

In Utah we played with cousins, Aunts, and uncles and rested up for our second leg of the trip.

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It was so nice to break it up because our little Rose Bud enjoyed exercising her lungs much of the way.
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Every roadtrip (whether big or small) we like to pack PB&J. The sandwiches get thrown to the back whenever someone gets hungry and  before getting any other snacks or treats. When we gas up we try to pick the nicest looking place to also go potty. Everyone goes. No option. This cuts down on time/money spent on fast food that makes us sick and is waaaay too expensive for our little/big family. 

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Freeing up the time that would be spent on eating out and multiple potty trips allows us to stop and explore fun places along the way - like the Bonneville Salt Flats

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And old Ghost Towns like Metropolis, NV (more to come on this sweet little place).

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After years of convincing I think Easy has finally admitted to me that Nevada is indeed beautiful. I love the grand valleys and the purple mountains in the distance. I love stepping out of the car and getting hit with the smell of sagebrush twisting through the air on the cool mountain breeze as the sun warms the ground below.

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At my childhood home just passed the Stillwater Mountains and south of I-80 my mom awaits us with smiles, kisses, and hugs.

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My girls adore her and watch her every move. She always has a special craft or project for them to work on.

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They watch the feral cats out back, spend hours in the tree house, feed the horse apples, and play "walkie-walk" with Grandpa.The girls had me dig out my old treasures like pointe shoes, pictures, stuffed animals, games, and dresses from the shed out back. I tried on my own and my mother's wedding dresses for them which pleasingly, fit well

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It's also necessary to visit Great Grandma Nancy and her beautiful Labs of Silver Sage.

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We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving feast put on by my mother with just a small crowd. My parents, my younger brother and his family (sweet baby Anna above with Mae), Great Grandma, my mom's cousin Tina, and us. Ava and MaeMae collected Thankful Leaves from everyone and attached them to cut branches for decoration.

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Unfortunately I was too busy wrangling my children and stuffing my face that this is the only pic I took of dinner - and it wasn't even of dinner! I'm sure you can imagine the browned turkey, creamy potatoes, savory stuffing, sweet pecan yams, fresh veggies, and homemade rolls. Not to mention pumpkin pie, apple pie, plus coconut and banana cream pie.

That night Easy and I were able to sneak away and spend some wonderful time with my cousins and aunt and uncle - again no pictures!!!

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We drove home by way of Northern Utah and Wyoming splitting up the 16 hour drive by staying in Logan, UT with my brother Matt and his beautiful family.

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Finally after 32+ hours in the car and one "we are totally going to run out of gas!" scare we arrived back in Colorado dead tired, stinky, and desperately wanting our own beds.

I would love to tell you that we won't be making a trip like this again anytime soon, but the truth is we are headed to Cali for Christmas. Ugh.




It happened. The Rose Bud turned one.


Not that she really had any clue what was going on with all the extra kisses, hugs, "Happy Birthday's!", extra doting, and a family Pow Wow.


But I'm pretty sure she loved it all! 

Pow Wow post coming up + her one year movie. 


Her Birthday (?)


This week our baby will be one. 

She really really will.

We are in the process of weaning and taking it slowly. I don't feel like I'm holding on to it, but I know that the second we are done I will miss it. 

Her birthday is Nov 15. It's funny because every time I say her birthday I feel like it's wrong. I actually looked at her birth certificate again a few weeks ago just to make sure we celebrated on the right day.

Oh man, now I'm remembering how back last January I was making her 6 week doctor's appointment. The lady on the phone actually asked me to verify her birthday. I had just gone back to work, was juggling a new baby, + three other little ones and of course, was lacking a lot of sleep as well.

I was silent at first. It was pretty hilarious and quite awkward. Then I decided to just go for it.

"Ummmm, Novemberrrrrr 17??? No, wait...the 20th....uh...it's somewhere around there, right??? Don't you have it written down there at the office?"

"Well," she said "Yes ma'm, but we need YOU to verify it."

"Um, to tell you the truth, she is my fourth baby and I really don't know when it is. I supposed I could find it, but it might take a minute."

Silence. This is where I feel like the biggest postpartum idiot and that I should in no way be caring for a new infant child.

"Okay," she says (I imagine her rolling her eyes) "It's November 15. You might want to write it don't since you know we will ask you for it again when you come in, right?"

No! Really? I didn't even consider that day! The 15th?

So weird, but that is when it is. We aren't planning anything big just a small celebration with cake, presents, balloons, and our little family on the 15th. 

The 15th!

Don't forget.


Garden of the Gods

One of the very best things about moving somewhere new is getting to check out all the cool places and sites it has to offer. CO had nothing short of these little adventures for us and we have created a whole list of things to do as each weekend arrives. 

Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs, CO

My Fave Five

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The pics don't show it but we went on a beautiful Saturday and it was sooooo crowded. If we go again I think we will opt for a weekday. 


The girls thought it was totally lame at first until we came to an area where they could actually get up closer to the rocks. Then it opened up a whole new world to them of climbing, exploring, sliding, and playing.  

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What makes this place so mesmerizing is that it seems that the rocks have literally just dropped out of the sky as they don't really fit in with the mountain landscape of CO. I kept feeling like we were in Sedona, AZ or Zion National Park in Utah. 

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I so grateful for a good man who loves taking his girls on adventures. He is such an explorer at heart. We are both hoping to engrain it into our daughters.

Yep, this is where you will find me most happy. 

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Amidst my juggling 3 cameras (phone, point and shoot, and DSLR) I managed to take some video. Enjoy.

"This is actually Cool!" -Ava


Big Day 2012

Today is the day! 
It's my mom's birthday! And Election Day! 

Last night I suggested to Easy that we make our best guesses as to what would happen at the polls today using the CNN Electoral map. It's kinda like setting up a bracket for March Madness.  

And the girls drew pictures for their grandma to put in the mail. 

My Map


We both projected Romney for the win (hoping maybe??) but only by a few points. 

States we differ on are NV, NM, NH, VA, and OH. Thinking that NV will go red just for my mom today. 

Roo and I are going to make political cupcakes then we will all go over to a neighbors house this evening to watch the results pour in. 

I will also have to decide the award for who guessed most accurately between Easy and I for the real results other than the typical back-rub.  

Happy Voting 
Happy Birthday Mom! 

Hyde Kids 1958. My mom is second from the left.


A Family Silhouette


A few weeks ago I took on a new little project. I have been seeing these little silhouette families around the internet on blogs, on Etsy, on Instagram and man, I so badly wanted to see my little family one. I loved them.

But I didn't really want to commission someone to do it. Usually when I want something I want it like now. Or yesterday. And I knew that I could probably figure out something pretty similar pretty inexpensively. 

IMG_3517 IMG_0675

So I printed out an 8x10 photo of our family that we had taken back in Arkansas. The trick to this is to print it in a light greyscale so you aren't using up all that precious ink in your printer.

Then I simply traced in thin Sharpie pen the silhouettes over the image (on the printed image side of the paper). Next, I flipped the paper over and retraced my previous lines on the back - so it actually ends up being reversed and you can also correct anything that might look a little funny from the first tracing - see below how I decided to make the hands more like mits instead of individual fingers?


It was at this point that I left it on the table and little Mae came home from Kindergarten and decided her daddy needed a face. I caught her in the act mid-smile. I yelled. She cried. I apologized for scaring her. We cuddled.

So where were we? 

I thought this looked pretty good so I then took the watercolor paper that I used for the final product and traced again - this time in pencil pressing it up against  the sliding glass door for light. 

IMG_0705 IMG_0723
Btw, I know that these watercolors from Target say they are for kids, but they so aren't for my kids. The cheap-o Crayola watercolors are for my kids. These ones are for me.

Anyway, I then proceeded to watercolor it. This was by far the most stressful part, but totally the most fun. I loved trying to get all of our hair and clothes just the right color.


And I finished it off when it was dry by outlining again in thin black Sharpie.

Easy, right? There are so many things you can use this method for. I've got my little wheels turning for a Christmas project now.

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