Resident Jack-O'-Lantern


Have you ever had one of those dreams where your teeth fall out?
And they just keep falling out?
One right after the other? 

It has to be one of the worst nightmares and if I'm right it's a fairly common one.

Well that is sort of what is happening to our Ava girl, but in real life.
She keeps losing teeth.

One right after the other.
And none are growing back in.


 She is our perfect little 2012 Resident Jack-o'-lantern.


Rach said...

how is she even able to eat? what a crack up!

Ashley K. said...

So cute. Hope they come back!

Katie said...
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Katie said...

i love that you captured this as a video. such a cute idea! She is adorable!

Candy said...

She is a brave girl! I think i have pulled out all my kidsteeth. That is pretty unbelievable that she has lost so many teeth so close to each other! How funny.
She looks like you, darling little girl....

Alyssa said...

That is so cute! Love it! My oldest just lost her first tooth today, with some help from a caramel apple. :)

Alyssa Probst Olsen

Lori said...

She is striking. All of your daughters are just so beautiful. Good work Gardiners!

sheena said...

This is the cutest.

Rachel said...

First, let me just say that you are like the most amazing video editor ever. Seriously, this video is awesome. I remember how much torture the first tooth coming out was, looks like she is now a pro.

Jord said...

Lauren loved this video! Ava is so brave to just pull it out like its no big deal. Love your blonde jack-o-lantern.

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