Patch 2012


The girls had been asking all week about getting our pumpkins. Everyday GM thought that it was the day and everyday I disappointed her that it in fact, wasn't Friday yet.


When Friday eventually rolled around we couldn't have asked for a better scenario - slightly overcast for perfect lighting, clean air, the Front Range as our backdrop, 70+ degree temps, Easy and friends meeting us there, and 4 little girls on a big adventure to find the perfect pumpkin.

IMG_4034  IMG_4024

Perhaps I should say 2 little girls were on quite the adventure. The other two...well...Roo was frustrated on how dirty they all were and that none were as small and sweet as she envisioned and Rosie just sorta hung out, kicked her legs, and squawked a lot.


Now GM is constantly asking when we are going to carve them. 


And the truth is, I kinda can't wait too. 

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