Mountains! Real Mountains!


From our house on days that the sky is clear, straight to the west you can see mountains after mountains in the distance that fade into the horizon along "The Front Range" as the Coloradoan's call it. You can also see the distant peaks where there is snow in the ice cold shaded crevices of the rock.

On my daily drive(s) to the girls' school I get a straight shot at these magnificent mountains of earth and all last week it felt like they were beckoning us.

Finally Saturday morning rolled around and we loaded up winter coats, snacks, water, hats, and a couple dvd's for our girls whom we knew would only last so long with our exploring in the freezing cold. It was 25 degrees F! 


Easy and I had separately heard about Estes Park and how we needed to go up to The Rocky Mountain National Forest to see the breathtaking views and the Elk that come down into the meadows and even into the city this time of year. No kidding we stood only 12 feet from a small herd of females and about 30 feet from this bull!!!

IMG_3748    IMG_3782

After having lunch in the sweet little summer resort town we explored the forest mostly in the car and took a little hike with the girls to the Alluvial Fan Waterfall. 

BTW, I'm so glad we hiked The Y with them last summer. 
Every other hike is compared to it and they announce, 
"That was way easier than The BYU!"

IMG_3787   IMG_3792
A. Rose so sweet nestled in her Daddy's coat.

We will be going back again and again and again.The Rocky Mountain NF is huge!


And next time hopefully...in the snow!


Amber Goodman said...

You are going to love Colorado! It seems like a good fit for your family. Just wait for the snowboarding/skiing season! Maybe you're living near/in Boulder... and maybe you've met Bro. Diamond too. He's awesome!

slopfam said...

Oh, how I love the mountains!! I am excited for you to live in such a great place. We miss you, though!!

Zane + Nichole said...

oh, you are making me home sick! estes park is so fun. that's where the hotel from the shining is as well.

Briawna said...

I miss real mountains. P.S. I love Rosie's hat!

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