Leaves Have Fallen

So glad we got out the other day after school to play in the leaves. 

After all, last night it snowed

 IMG_0889         IMG_4110 


IMG_4123           IMG_4178


We have totally embraced fall this year.

A trip to the mountains.
A trip to the farm.
A decorated house.
Costumes sewn, glued, and glittered.
Hot cocoa with fresh whipped cream + cinnamon and sugar on top sipped.
Pumpkins gathered.
Pumpkins baked and eaten in pumpkin cookies, pancakes, and curry.
Apples sliced and eaten daily.
Leaves gathered + jumped in + raked up and bagged.

Come on Halloween!

We are so ready for you.


christy said...

Ava in the leaves is too cute for words.

JCLS said...

That last picture is fabulous....it could be in a magazine!

nicwoo said...

What a magical time of year. So glad you are IN IT. That last pic black and white is completely enchanting.

Rachel said...

That last picture should be in a magazine! Seriously, submit it for some amazing photo contest. You will win. And Ava's moving picture (or whatever it is) AMAZING! Why did you leave me before I could gain some of your knowledge?

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