Our Halloween House



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We adore it in the Gardiner home.

chickies planning their pumpkins
The spookiness, the smells of seeds roasting, the crisp air, sewing and gluing costumes together, and snuggling up to scary movies.


Pumpkin this - pumpkin that, dancing like zombies to The Monster Mash, gutting jack-o-lanterns and lighting them with the accompanying ooo's and awe's.


Crazy hair, makeup, and traipsing through the best neighborhoods requesting treats.

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The girls got to wear their costumes to school this year. It really is a shame that more and more schools aren't allowing it. The kids love it!


The little chicks aren't in their costumes yet today, but here is a glimpse of them from a few days ago.

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App  Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Rosie is the third Gardiner girl to wear the mummy costume and Gigi stuck to being a kitty - just like last year.

Have Fun Tonight! 

Last couple years:



Lechelle said...

I am loving the star eyed pumpkin. looks like you know how to do fun holidays in your home.

Rachel said...

The girls costumes turned out awesome! Miss these spooky sisters.

Jord said...

Those spider eyes are the perfect touch! You've got Halloween down.

Alyse Perfetto said...

where did you get your kitchen table chairs? love them!

Alyse Perfetto said...

where did you get your kitchen chairs? love them!

Hays said...

Hi Alyse,

Our chairs we found on Craigslist. They are Emeco Navy Chairs. You can find them new from Design Within Reach. Our table is from Ikea. :)

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