Celebrating Our Roo

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We were all so excited to celebrate Little Roo turning into a big girl this last week. I've always thought about the age of three being that way. It's what separates babies from big kids. I have always loved calling her "baby" and she sternly corrects me now.


She woke up to three big bright balloons hanging over her bed in the morning. During the Day we painted, made her Pope-like crown, played like crazy, and her big sisters doted on her endlessly. She requested PB&J for dinner with Sprite and we played a round of Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin.

When Roo said she wanted a spider cake for her birthday I was a little surprised, but gladly accepted the challenge envisioning the 6" double layer Devils Food chocolate body and double cupcake head. I also knew it had to have big angled legs and pretzel rods did just the trick.The M&M eyes, chocolate sprinkles on top, and rough Chocolate Buttercream Frosting really made it come alive.

The girls chose to eat the butt first. :)

IMG_4001  IMG_4018

While opening her presents this girl cracked us all up. She sat in our new Ghost Chairs proudly and with every gift she was completely speechless. She just made little noises and pointed at everything, gasping, with the biggest grin slapped across her face.

We love you Gingeroonie!



Courtney said...

Awesome dinner! Scary cake!

Christina // floresdelsol said...

C U T E !

christy said...

Love that girl. The cake looks amazing--so creepy.

Ash said...

She is so adorable, I can't believe how big she is! All your girls are growing up too fast. I LOVE that she requested a spider cake, it turned out amazing! I wish I had been there to help you guys eat it!

Rachel said...

Awesome cake, for an awesome little girl!

Jord said...

I love how 3 year olds are definitely no longer babies! I love that little Roo.

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