Packed and Loaded

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The movers loaded the last of our boxes into the truck this afternoon. I am sweeping up, vacuuming, wiping windowsills and blinds, and scrubbing bathrooms. 

All the while, my heart is aching about leaving Arkansas. Gosh, we have really loved it here and seriously have the greatest friends!!! This move and change has been such a whirlwind that I haven't given myself the chance to even let it all seep in, but now I am feeling the ache and it is so hard. 

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It really was like yesterday that we set off on our adventure with our little family to the south across Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. I was so shocked at people calling me ma'm. Some folks I couldn't even understand. I hated the humidity. The bugs made me want to throw up and we never thought we would make it out alive during tornado season.

The other day when we came home from Colorado and stepped off the plane I, surprisingly, welcomed the humid southern air with a big breath in. I was home. As we drove the back to the house the trees seemed extra thick and were more than ever like giant green walls on either side of the highway. 

I won't lie and tell you that our lives here were complete bliss because the year that I worked full time as a night nurse and Easy was new to the office was super hard on us. But I will tell you that both he and I learned the most valuable lessons that year.

Like how we can do anything...for a year. 
We learned how nice it is to sleep with your best friend right by your side. And how hard it is to miss out on the sweet moments with our kids like bedtime, morning snuggles, and after school greetings. 
We can relate to feelings of dropping kids off at daycare or at a babysitter's for the day and how you can see in your baby's little eyes that they just want to be with you.
We learned to not judge others because you really really do not know their battles. 
We learned to hold our tongues and just listen - sometimes our own opinions are just better kept to ourselves. 

I still hate the bugs but I am so proud that at one time in our lives we have called NW Arkansas home. It really is a terrific place and hey, we even got the world's greatest souvenir...

a baby! Our own little Arkie Rosebud.


Ashley K. said...

Good Luck in CO!

Anonymous said...

oh my heart! loved that writing. love you.

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