Our Arkie Family

September 9, 2012


The weather in Arkansas has been gorgeous lately. The humidity has lifted, the leaves are beginning to fall, and in the mornings and evenings there is a gentle cool breeze that sweeps across The Ozarks.


There is a big change happening here that I will formally announce tomorrow, but for now we really really needed some family pics in this beautiful southern element of ours.


I texted Rach Saturday night and told her I would get everything set up so all she really would have to do is be the trigger finger on my camera and she agreed (I knew she would).


After church on Sunday I ran around the house digging through drawers grabbing clothing, headbands, shoes. Brights!

And we headed off to the Mt Hebron cemetery where there is this perfect little old church house that I drive by every now and then.


It felt rushed, chaotic, and I worried (a little) that they wouldn't turn out.

But Rach just kept her finger on the shutter and in between poses she busted out confetti poppers to entertain the girls - genius I tell ya!


And the pictures turned out so good!!!

I love them!

Even where Easy and I decide to pose like we are going to prom together. (I wish!)


This is Our Arkansas Family.

My favorite people in the whole world.



Carly said...

We are very happy for your recent exciting news! Crazy! maybe we'll follow suit soon...if we can find C a job. ;)

Your family is beyond beautiful. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Briawna said...

i love the one with the girls. such a perfect picture of their personalities. and i love the prom pic.

Rachelle said...

i love these obviously. such a pretty family! needing some new ones ourselves. i have plans for the harbor. gotta get on that. :)

JCLS said...

Love. You guys are all gorgeous and I LOVE your hair!

Ashley K. said...

Love these.

Sarah Pittard said...

Such fun pictures!!! What a beautiful fam!

Anonymous said...

oh. my. gosh. this are the best ever!!! you are stunning! and your family perfect.-alisha

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