Little Bug


So. Remember a few months ago when I made that quilt and I swore up and down that I would never ever make a quilt again.

Well I did - just quite a bit smaller for my new sweetest little baby niece Gwen.

I mean how could I not!

IMG_2676 IMG_2673

Yeah, I officially think I've caught a little quilting bug.

Monster Fabric here.


Ashley K. said...


Briawna said...

I tried to warn you. So cute.

christy said...

Love it. You've definitely caught the bug. And you're already a pro. Looks awesome.

Christen Noelle said...

Oooh...I love it! You are the perfect woman to catch that quilting bug, so creative and productive!

Rachelle said...

adorbs. can we make one for my baby boy. you know, if we are ever neighbors or something?!

the crew said...

We love it!! thank you- and we miss you guys:)

Rach said...


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