Home Sweet Home

We left our home in Arkansas yesterday around noon. It's always hard to leave a good home. This one we will especially miss.

This is the place where I so nervously left for my first job as a nurse, where Ava came bounding off the bus her first day of Kindergarten, where Mae turned 5 and we partied all day in the back yard. This is where Roo grew from a baby to a little girl full of personality and language. This is the home we welcomed our sweet baby Rosie to when she was born almost a year ago. This is where we lived when Easy accepted his new job at White Wave and quit working for General Mills after 6 years.

It is where we welcomed new friends, family from afar, and made some of our greatest memories.

It's a place we leave proud.

- Posted on the Go


Mrs. Nettles said...

Places you will love: White Fence Farm. Yummy Food and awesome stuff for kids. And Casa Bonita. Kinda Crappy food but really fun place to go with the kids. :) Enjoy Denver!

Rachel said...

We miss you already.

Briawna said...

Portia cried all day yesterday because Greta wasn't at school to play with her. Excited for your new adventure, just sad that we won't see you!

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