Musically Inclined


2 weeks ago I found this beautiful 1960's Kimball Piano on trusty ol' Craigslist and when we traveled out to the lake and found it nestled in the corner of an older home I immediately fell in love with it's simple charm.

IMG_3406 copy IMG_3416

Since we are not too musically inclined around here I brought our friend Courtney along to fire the old gal up. Court confidently sat at the piano and pulled out some sheet music from her bag. She played beautifully while the sellers and I all sat and listened. Then she pulled out more music and played again on the higher notes. We then got Ava (her future student) to come and give it a whirl.

After Court's stamp of approval Easy made our offer. It was accepted and a few hours later he and 4 other guys hauled the beast home where I shined her up and the girls really tested it out.


Easy took lessons as a kid and I can barely plunk out Twinkle Twinkle, but we are trying, and improving with help from this book.

Ava eagerly starts lessons on Thursday!

One important item of business! What do I do about the bench?

Loose the pillow altogether?
Keep the vintage blue cushion?
Update it with some fresh new fabric?


Kelli said...

i think getting rid of the cushion would be my choice. all wood. that would be pretty.

Meg said...

don't toss the pad...just recover it with some fabulous fabric...and maybe make it a little less cushy, it's pretty thick. Love the tufts and buttons though. Congrats on the piano!

Amber Goodman said...

I love Craigslist too. How fun to get a piano! I think recovering with a cute fabric is a good idea. It looks really soft but bulky too, so maybe it bugs the girls getting on and off?

Courtney said...

I love this post!
Can Ava's feet touch the ground with the pillow?
If you can keep it, I would because it is way comfy! Either way is good.
I'm soooo excited to start teaching Ava! I think she will love it.

tt moreno said...

i love the pad and its color. you've inspired me to not settle for an ugly piano! i've been looking and this one is beautiful!

Leslie said...

I would toss the pillow. And so fun for Ava! I've been teaching Sydney but it is going slowly because I am a slacker. :)

Etheline said...

Man...what a great find. I would keep the pillow. It's charming. :)

Jord said...

I seriously love this piano and know your beauties will produce great music on it.

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