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holding chicks at the county fair last weekend

I think it's pretty normal as a mom to want to slow or stop time.

Tonight as I tucked my big girls into bed I wanted so badly for the evening to linger so I could just lay and chat with them longer.

Mae was telling me all about Gym Class and how her class got three gold stars. How Lauren was the fastest and how they have to do "Hips and Lips" when they walk in (put one pointer finger to their lips and the other hand on their hip). She giggled and jumped from one topic to another so fast that I could barely keep up. She ran her little fingers along my new dangling earrings and about threw herself out of bed with excitement when I told her that Luke's mom was driving her in the morning.

Ava and I talked about being a loyal friend. Yesterday her best friend was wrongly accused of hitting a boy and Ava (for fear of being in trouble herself) took off running. She now knows the importance of sticking by her friend and being a witness to the truth. She also told me that some boys chased her and another girl in her class during recess. I told her that if she is going to let boys chase her than she had better never let them actually catch her. "Some boys can be kissing boys," I said. She looked at me wide eyed and replied, "I'll never let them catch me!"

She always asks me to tell her stories about when I was a kid so I told her about riding the little 50cc motorcycle with my brothers up to the gas station on the highway, buying waaaaay too much candy, and jumping off the roof of our house onto the trampoline using a bed-sheet as a parachute. She couldn't believe it. I don't blame her though - I guess it does sound pretty wild.

Then I gave them a bear kiss, bird kiss, fish kiss, puppy kiss, eskimo kiss, butterfly kiss, and finally a mommy kiss before calling it a night.


the crew said...

Treasured moments:)

We have to worry about the "kissing girls" at Ezra's school- I don't blame them, he is pretty cute, but I do wish they would just leave him alone:/

Lechelle said...

adorable. My two year old and I are really starting to have conversations, and it's weird. I can't imagine him being any older than he is. I hear you, I absolutely want to stop time and keep him just as he is. sigh.

Jord said...

Love this. I can see wide eyed Ava deciding to never let the boys catch her. She'll be safe.

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