Tie Dying with the Gardiner's


So I bought some Rit and some blank tees a couple of months ago fully intending to do some tie dying with the girls. The dye sat in the cupboard and I finally got brave enough last week to go for it after seeing Sheena's success.

First we assembled all the supplies. You really want everything in arms reach and a nice old towel or cloth down especially if you are inside. Funny thing is that Easy came home just as we were getting all set up. He looked real skeptical and recommended we go outside. I refused (crossed my fingers) and promised that we wouldn't tie dye the walls. It was over 100 out there +humidity. No thank you!

IMG_2616 IMG_2615

We used this site as a guide to tying the shirts. The big girls selected which ones they wanted (diagonal, spiral, bulls eye) and we also did a few random ones. We chose the donut for Rosie's little blank onesie.

(can't keep their fingers off)

We filled the squirt bottles with 1 part dye to like 6 parts water because we wanted them to be vivid and I wasn't sure how much they would fade with the first washing.

IMG_2621 IMG_2628

Using the squirt bottles over a cheapo bowl makes dying inside easy. After the tees were soaked we slipped them into gallon size plastic baggies for a few hours, cut the bands, threw them in a rinse cycle with cold water, then in a warm wash cycle with detergent.


The girls don't really "look it" but I promise they were thrilled and could not get the shirts out of the dryer fast enough.

We all agreed that Miss Rosie's donut onesie was the best.


Baciscally they wear them every. single. day.

Looks like we have a new summertime tradition!!


sheena said...

YES!!! So fun. My kids wear them every day.....which is perfect because they hide all their grubby little stains:)

nicwoo said...

Means summer to me! And I just heard a tip from the tie dying farmer's market booth, soak it with a ridiculous amount of color + vinegar makes it ultra vivid. I've got the bug now too!

Clandestine Road said...

I love this. Those turned out great. I keep peeping at the final results to get my courage up to do this my kids, too.

Leslie said...

I remember doing that as a kid. So fun!

nettie said...

I want to try this.

Courtney said...

awww! so cute! thanks for making suz one. She loves hers too!!!

Jord said...

Awesome! I love that Easy wanted the mess taken outside. Always the cautious one. Way to forge ahead anyway. The shirts turned out awesome!

Tim said...

I have dye sitting in my "summer fun" box right now. Maybe this will be my nudge to finally be brave enough to do it. We will do it outside though because I am, uh, I mean the small children, are incredibly messy.

Popi and CeCe said...

You had me at tie-dye! I have done it with 5 classes of fith graders in one day--I can't wait to do it with my two grand daughters! What fun!
Cheryl (Jacy's mom)

MA said...

Love Tie Dye!

Popi and CeCe said...

We did it! The results are fabulous! The girls (and Briggs, too, I am sure!) L.O.V.E their tie-dye shirts, and we all love our color-speckled hands!

Hays said...

Awesome! I know I had a hole in one of my gloves and my finger was purple for a couple of days. ;)

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