Sitting (not so) Pretty


You wouldn't know it, but Little Girl here hates sitting. As weird as it sounds I think she is afraid of it even though she is totally capable. 2 seconds after I snapped this picture her face turned upside down and she really let me have it.

She would so much rather scoot around all day on her tummy shoving Cheerios, Polly Pocket heads, finger puppets, Barbie feet, etc into her mouth.

The girls have been informed that if they see any bobby pins, hair ties, beads, legos, crayons, etc they are to promptly pick them up. This task in itself is a full time job.

I really don't know how and when it happened, but my baby girl got big.

I would never ever take that colic back, but this whole sitting up and being on the move...I don't like it at all. Maybe it's a good thing she hates sitting so much.

It might just keep her little a bit longer for me.


tt moreno said...

that is a beautiful photo

we have the same issue in our house. but it seems like she is always found with crayons, squeekies or barbie shoes in her mouth!

the crew said...

I can't get over how darling she is!! It makes me anxious for our little one to arrive. Can't wait to see you guys!

Devin and Mary Solie said...

I love how your babies always have a ton of hair! So Cute! :)

sheena said...

this photo makes me need a baby......like......right now.

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