Roaming Rosie

Today I'm in need of a little reminder on how much I love our sweet scooter.

She is on the verge of popping her first tooth and actually isn't behaving sweet at all!

Constant crying, diaper rash, drool everywhere, gnawing on everything, wants me to tote her around all day, wants to nurse all day, no napping, lots of pooping, very mild temp.

It makes me want a grandma close to take the other chickies and make cookies, forts, and play pretend with them all day long...because this momma is spent.


Leslie said...

What a sweetheart! Jamison is doing the scoot too but sitting up. The kid hates his tummy so he scoots on his bum. I need to make a cool video like you! I love her big eyes. They're gorgeous.

Clandestine Road said...

Teething is so difficult. I hope she's sated soon and that you get a respite from the crying.

Love the new header.


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