i swear the price of ear piercing has doubled in the last 2 years. $50!


but we were there and she was excited so we just did it. while she was sitting in the chair we had serious thoughts of going to Sally's and buying our own gun since we still have a couple of girls to go.

how did she do?

she barely blinked and only muttered Owe! for each ear.

no tears shed.

just a proud little 5 year old with some new blinging ears.


Meg said...

Seriously. $54 to do Reese's ears last weekend. Crazytown. Reese winced more at the tatted up and pierced girl working at Claire's than she did at having her own ears pierced! haha!
Greta looks adorable!

Clandestine Road said...

We just took our youngest daughter for piercing and I nearly puked. $50 is a lot. Wasn't it $20 a few years ago? Egads. It was painful for both of us. :) My kid uttered a lot more than "ow." In fact, they gave her so many suckers because she looked so betrayed by the sweet ladies who tandem-pierced her as she sobbed things like "why did you hurt me?" Suckers make everything better.

Your daughter looks adorable. Happy 5!


nicwoo said...

Love the idea about getting your own gun... You'll be the most popular person in the neighborhood, at least and it would pay for itself. ;)
Now I Must Say: She is a Gorgeous Little Woman! Just Dreamy.

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