5 years ago


5 years ago we counted down the last few hours before our silly, passionate, snugly, second daughter came bounding into our world.

She is fierce, protective, and imaginative. Loves hard and fights hard. Not to mention she is undeniably beautiful with her summer bronzed skin, sun-kissed hair, and pale blue eyes. She is a bright light and will always attracts friends wherever she goes - as long as she stays out of timeout.


She loves:

Macaroni and Cheese
Taking care of Rosie
Wrestling her dad
Suckers and gum
Cooking with Mom
Snuggling after she eats

She wants to be a swimming teacher when she grows up.
She wants 3 kids.
She wants to travel to Arizona.

Oh yes, she also loves to talk about farts.



Rach said...

Love that girl

Candy said...

she really is just gorgeous! happy Birthday to her! My little Davis turns 5 in just over a month... hmm....plans to have them meet in college are brewing in my mind. :)

the crew said...

Happy Birthday Mae!!! We hope she had a wonderful day!

Shaunna Akers said...

Absolutely love your way with words and these amazing pieces for your kiddos memory books. Priceless.

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