Today I'm 30!

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After a super fun girls night out last night I woke up this morning to hearing little Blondes asking her dad to spell out Happy Birthday for her.

When I finally open my eyes Roo saunters in and Easy, putting his shirt on for work, tells her come and wish me Happy Birthday. Her little body bounces over to the bed where I scoop her up on my chest and she gives me the biggest squeeze around my neck, "Happy Dirtday Mommy!"

I went to walk Easy out and found that my sweet friend had decorated our front door for me and left breakfast. The girls gather around to devour it and MaeMae jumps on my lap for her birthday greeting of kisses and nuzzles to my neck. Blondes gives me the gift she has been working on and we decide to save for later tonight.

After a minute of hearing Rosie stir in her bed I go in to grab her. As soon as my eyes meet hers she gives me the biggest gummiest smile I think I have ever seen. Her eyes light up, she swats her arms and jerks out her legs for me to get her. I change her and nurse her.

There it is.

Today I'm 30!

I'm so absolutely content with it and happy to celebrate it! I have a beautiful family, a loving husband, and dear friends.

I also think Easy bought me a gun.



Woot woot! Happy Birthday girl!

Christina // floresdelsol said...

happy 3oth!!!

Clandestine Road said...

Happy 30th!

Katie said...

happy birthday pretty girl!!

Mandy Smith said...

You are so gorgeous at 30, you have an amazing family and you are doing exactly what you want to be doing with your life. Congrats Hailey, happy birthday to you!!!

nicwoo said...

How lovely for you! Happy Birthday... did you want a gun?

Hays said...

It was something we had previously talked about just for sport, you know target practice ;)

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