Little Dancers


The girls had been preparing for their dance recital for weeks.

Blondes made me nervous. Every time I asked her to practice in front of me she refused and said. "I don't remember it!" or "I need a partner!"

Mae, being the oldest in her class, knew her dance by heart and little Roo being the youngest in Mae's same class could surprisingly follow right along by watching Miss Lana do the moves.

The night of the recital I got them all dressed, hair done, little stage makeup on, and packed into the car. Easy met us there with flowers for his little dancers. I was so excited for them! And yeah, also nervous. Luckily it was a very tinsy tiny production just on the stage at the church. Absolutely perfect for them!

Much to my delight Blondes did amazing and remembered all her parts! Plus she smiled. Score!

GM shook, jumped, spun, and was also so good at remembering.


Oh yes, little Roo...well she just stood there. Frozen! Just like a deer in the headlights. Haha! The best part is that her little friend Claire who is just a few months older than her and her opposite on stage did the exact same thing!


Wanna watch it? (ahem, Grandmas and Grandpas ;)

Go here.

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