Highs and Lows

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Every week that I teach the 12-13 year old girls at church I ask them what their highs and lows have been for the week.

Here are mine as of lately:


Easy working like a mad man. We are really missing him lately.
Sewing the binding on my quilt by hand really sucks. My fingers are so sore.
Girls tattling non-stop and fighting over who gets to be Roo's mommy for the day or hour.
Dealing with the squash bugs that have invaded my zucchini.
Easy was bit by a tick a few weeks ago and now he has a funky rash around it. Getting it checked out today.
Rosie is scooting!


I found the perfect sunburst mirror and it was even relatively cheap! Finally!
I've hit the Yoga mat again. My muscles are achy and fighting me but it feels so good!
I'm almost done with my first quilt ever! So exciting! I will never do one this big again.
My big girls are swimming. Actually swimming!!!!
Rosie is still nursing like a little champ. My last 2 quit about this time.
Popsicles, heirloom tomatoes growing, grilled corn on the cob, watermelon, strawberries, breakfast smoothies, all so delicious!

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Candy said...

We do the same High/Low thing every night around the dinner table. It's pretty funny some days.

And definitely get your Hubs rash looked at. I was bit by a tick in third grade and a few weeks later had a red rash around it. I ended up having to take antibiotics because they were afraid of Lyme Disease. yipes. hope everything works out well!

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