Without Him

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Easy has been in FL the past few days for the business' National Sales Meeting. In my head he has been getting massages, eating filet mignon with chocolate covered strawberries, tanning by the pool, and sleeping in until 10am.

Okay so he's actually staying at the JW Marriott, being entertained by David Blaine, and eating rich fancy food. (I'm not too far off ;)

I have managed to get Blondes to school on time everyday (this is huge) and I have also managed to not make dinner at all thanks to Steak N Shake, good friends, and the older girls being capable of slathering PB&J on bread.

So it's been fine. Just fine. Each night a different girl has slept by my side through the thunderstorms and tornado watch's and I have kept up on the laundry while watching chick-flicks in the evenings.

But last night, well last night everything fell apart. See, Easy is the master schedule-keeper of the family and we got home a little late from our friend's house. So we had to get right to bed with no stories, a quick brush of the teeth, and limited snuggles! There were tears. Many tears! There was moaning and whining. GM was growling at me for more "mommy time" and in trouble for being too rough. Roo was in and out of the bathroom 3x then finally threatened to be locked in her room (I promise I really wouldn't) if she didn't stay. Blondes moping because she hates not having stories (we are at a pivotal part in The Mouse and the Motorcycle) and Rosie screaming her head off because she just wants changed, nursed, swaddled, and binkied up for the night.

Finally, after much chaos and stern words I apologized for being a mean mom and gave each a kiss and a face nuzzle. Then within minutes everything seemed to settle.

I took a few deep breaths and thought of how I'm so so so grateful that our guy will be back soon.

I just hope he doesn't forget his watch in Orlando.


Rach said...

Ohhh man. Been there, minus a kid. Sucks so bad, but you're right, it's sooooo nice to have a great husband and dad around.

Meg said...

bedtime meltdowns are the worst variety in our house, too. Why everyone at once? And why always right when I want nothing more than to drop everything and just have 2 seconds to go pee? Usually rough evenings make for extra peaceful mornings (better sleep post tears maybe?) Hopefully your morning will follow suit. If not, go get some orange rolls from crumpet tea room and consider the morning automatically fixed ;)

Chelsie Campbell said...

Love these raw, real posts. Helps me feel better about my girls screaming crying whining and tantrums. :( it's gotta get better! :)

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