Easy and I have plans in the works for a big trip this summer.

Family in UT.
Friends that might as well be family in AZ.
More friends in TX.

Every time I get to thinking about it I have to take a deep breath, calm my nerves a little, and just remember:

1. We love our family and miss them much
2. We have good little travelers
3. Easy has a great job with vacation time that will allow this
4. Utah mountains/summers are the best thing ever
5. We can do it

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Currently I'm also planning my lesson for church on Sunday. I have been recently asked to help teach/advise the girls ages 12-13. This is a huge and very welcome change since I have been working with the children in primary for the last 5 years (mostly nursery age 18mos-3yrs). Hooray for no more noses to wipe!

Anyway, I'm hoping I can lure these girls in with chocolate, after all that is what I remember working the best with me.


Meg said...

I started sweating when I saw this. Have fun! You are right, it will be worth it to see people and places you love!

slopfam said...

You guys are brave. At the same time, it sounds like fun too!! Especially the Utah moutains/summer part of your trip! Hope you have a great time.

Leslie said...

You will be pros at traveling by the end of the summer!

TheKeilShpeel said...

That looks like an awesome trip! Plus it's not like you will be in the car everyday driving 8 hours.. you have fun stops along the way. I can't wait until my hubby works full time with benefits so we can take vacations like this.

nicwoo said...

Yum & Congrats, I miss young women's, but I seem to get a new and varied calling every year or so. You should share your YW ideas as there's always a need. :)

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