On Getting Bigger

Rosie at Six Months
May 16, 2012

She did it.
She is 6 months.

I know.

What? How? Why?

Wait. Stop!


I hate that babies have to grow so fast!
Wasn't I just pregnant with her?
Didn't I just have her sleeping like a little Koala on my chest all molded into my body and smelling like heaven?

It breaks my heart.


This girl love love loves her sisters.
She tolerates her dad.
And she beams at me, her mother.
So I know I shouldn't complain because well, 6 months is like the funnest.
Then 9 months is more fun and it just keeps getting better...12-18 months is like the best ever!


Okay baby, you can grow.

Just go easy on your poor momma, alright?

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Big sister really wanted in on the action this morning.


Clandestine Road said...

Oh my goodness. She is adorable and that hair. Love that hair.

Great photos.


JCLS said...

I can't even handle how cute she is. Seriously!

Rachelle said...

i can't even handle her. she's perfect. i love the photo of her flying. :)

Jord said...

She is so sweet and I feel like she has her own but Blondie-esque look, no? That 6 months went quick!

the crew said...

Oh man, it does fly! I can't believe she is 6 months already. She is truly so deliciously sweet!

Christen said...

She is a doll! Every feature just gorgeous!!!!

Christen said...

When did you tame her hair?! :(

Sarah Peterson said...

so cute! Love the superman picture! I think I could just do a "copy... paste" and I would have the perfect blog ;) Your thoughts are my own!

Alisha said...

oh she is sweet!! love the superman!

Leslie said...

My girls were oohing and ahhhing over little Rosie today when I showed them your blog. She is so pretty!

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