Crown Braid

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Finally after many failed attempts, bad words, arms on fire, and huge relentless knots in my locks I got the crown braid right.

I even did it late Saturday night, sprayed the heck out of it, and slept very consciously still for church first thing in the morning on Sunday (8am).

Best thing ever is that I got like 4+ compliments from all the sweet older women at church telling me how lovely it was - just enough motivation to get me to try again.


Alisha said...

so pretty

Spring said...

Love it. It took me forever to figure out how to do this on Brynn - I can't imagine trying to do it on myself! Have you ever checked out babesinhairland.com? So many ideas for my girls that I might one day try out myself if my hair will grow!

Meg said...

do mine!

Leslie said...

I can do one on my girls but me? Forget it. There would be a lot of swears coming from my mouth if I tried. Good job! It looks awesome. I am impressed.

Rach said...

I lovet this so much. my arms hurt just looking at this. Can you teach me?

nicwoo said...

Beautiful. I would do anything for compliments from the *sisters who know.* Awesome.

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