The Best Job

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May 12, 2012

Yesterday I woke to Easy banging around in the kitchen at 6am. He knows that of all things on Mother's Day I would mostly like to rest from my duties. So, on that day he cooks and I assist where needed. It's a pretty good gig.

I spent the morning at church celebrating motherhood with my fellow sisters then the afternoon enjoying gifts from my daughters. Mostly little notes and drawings scratched on paper with lots of hearts and "love" written all over them.

I love my job. I say it so often. It is a big one. I'm supposed to teach these 4 daughters of mine to be kind, polite, charitable, patient and also strong, confident, and brave. It is overwhelming at times and frustrating, but all the same I find that I am the one who is learning to be these things from them.

The oldest teaches me to be kind with her selfless words and acts. The second to be brave with her sense of adventure and spontaneity. The third polite with her sweet pleases and thank yous.

And my baby, well she teaches me to be patient (I'm letting her cry it out a little), to not sweat the small stuff (spit up and poop everywhere), and that despite my feelings of inadequacy - I really am a great mother (as she lights up every time I enter the room).


Alisha said...

i feel the same. best job.
youre an amazing woman and mother

Jord said...

Love this. You say it so well.

Sarah Peterson said...

man I wish I could write my feelings out as well as you do! So eloquently said!

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