Beating the Bird


I am not of Latin descent in any way, but I do love Mexican food and I appreciate Mexican culture. So having a chance to party it up with salsa, guacamole, streamers, queso, rice, beans, shredded pork, and a pinata was awesome this weekend at our Cinco de Mayo/Farewell to the Whitcomb's Party.

This year the girls and I made the pinata from scratch. Surprisingly they had no trouble at all whacking all of our hard work in the face while my heart cried a little each time the bird was hit.

Here is the breakdown:



1. Tissue paper
2. Glittery shred (for "wow factor" when it explodes)
3. Box
4. Glue and (not pictured) tape
5. Scissors
6. Confetti (I used chopped up tissue paper also for "wow factor")
7. (not pictured) Straws and heavy duty string



1. Cut a hole in the bottom of the box. This makes it a little easier for the kids to hit the candy out.

2. Okay, this is where you need to fashion a way for the box to hang. I should have done it here at this step, but realized that it needed strings when I had the bird totally done. Yup. It kinda sucked threading sting through the box when it was all complete. I thought that the straws would help the string to not cut through the cardboard and I was totally right - it was the way to go. Thread your string through the straws and the straws through 2 holes in the front and back adjacent to each other. Then tie it all up at the top.


3. Fill the box with candy, shred, and confetti, then tape her closed.

4. Place a piece of plain white paper over the hole you cut in the bottom. I folded it in half first to make it a little tougher.


5. Starting at the bottom where you just put the paper go ahead and cover it with whatever color tissue paper needs to be at the bottom. In this case, blue. I taped it on like gift wrap.

6. Roll up a single sheet of tissue and cut off 3.5 inches.


7. Cut slits in the piece you just cut up about 2/3 of the way, fluff the slits out and open 'er up.

8. Glue around the bottom perimeter of the box.


9. Repeat steps 6-9 moving up the box about 1/2 inch with each new row of tissue. I used the same color x2 rows moving up.

10. When you can tell what color will need to be at the top to finish it off go ahead and cover the top taping a sheet into place like you did on the bottom.

(this is where I cursed myself for forgetting to make a way to hang it)

11. At this point I just used cardstock for the eyes, beak, and wings. The wings were covered in extra tissue paper that I didn't need for the rows.

IMG_2256 IMG_2252 IMG_2261

The kids all tried and tried to break it open, but the thing was just too tough.


Finally the guest of honor took one big hit and that was the end of our dear amigo The Bird.

IMG_2274 IMG_2270


IMG_2224 IMG_2226

Jessica's Tres Leche was delicioso!


El Final.


Meg said...

I love it! Happy feasting!

Alisha said...

so awesome!! love the bird!

Ash said...

I love this! This looks so fun. That is the coolest pinata i have ever seen. And Ginger looks so stunningly gorgeous in that picture of her sitting down and smiling, you better be careful, she is going to be a model someday.


My sister is making one today for a three year old's princess party. I sent her this link and she loved it! We both like the long fringe. Nice one Hayley!

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