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Easy and Hays

Nine years ago I was a bride and I promised I would be Easy's wife forever. He took me on a surprise honeymoon to Hawaii and literally told me about it just hours before we boarded the plane. We lived in a 4plex under a single mom with 15+ children that pounded on the floor all day and night. We made our own skateboards for FHE and ate veggie and bean burritos at least 3x a week for dinner. We played scrabble and shopped at DI. I would lay my head on his lap and sleep on our travels from Idaho down to SLC. We would talk about our plans for babies and dream of what our life would be like in the years to come.

Provo October 2004
Apartment on Center St in Provo, Ut 2004

We moved to Provo and I worked at The Flower Basket and the Home Depot while he attend the business school at BYU. We rode our vintage cruisers around town, snowboarded, BBQ'd on our back porch, and camped on Mt Nebo.

Gardiner's and Bingham's April 2005
Gardiner's and Bingham's April 2005

We moved to AZ in in 2006 after he got a job out of college and after the birth of our little white haired doll.

Happy Family, Scottsdale, Apr 2006 - 3 Camping with Kent, Sedona AZ, Aug 2006 - 14

We played in the pool, enjoyed visits from family, and I learned how to cook. He drove the scooter to work through the streets of Scottsdale. I started an Etsy shop and spent my days sewing and playing with Baby Blondes at the park.

Trip to Forest Lakes with Hills and Richards - Nov 2007 - 101

Miss Mae was born in 2007. I started classes at Scottsdale Community in prep for nursing school. We loved spending weekends with friends, exploring AZ together, taking trips to CA, and I start putting it all on The Dirt.

Train Park - Scottsdale - Dec 2007 - 3 Train Park - Scottsdale - Dec 2007 - 1
McCormick Railroad Train Park Dec 2007

In 2008 we ditched the apartment life for a rental house in Anthem, AZ. The girls enjoy their freedom to run and we really fall in love with the desert.

2008 September-4
Easy and Hays Sept 2008

In 2009 I started nursing school, we moved into NE Phoenix and had our little Roo. I start to garden, Easy picks up road biking, and he builds a fence around our pool after work. We raise chickens and enjoy visits from family. We make great friends that will remain with us always.

Easy and Hays at Avatar 2009

Our home is small, old, and smells funny but we have the cutest little fireplace and it sits on the perfect cul-de-sac in the most convienent location. We love letting the girls run in the backyard and ride their bikes out front with the neighbors.

Louise Home 2009

Gardiners Nov 09 013 copy
Our Brood 2009

We bought our first home in 2010 under interesting circumstances. We negotiated the price with a Persian woman out of her home in West Valley and wrote up the contract with occasional help of a friend who is a realtor. The home had potential, but was in horrible condition. We spent much of the year working on it with the aid of my parents.

IMG_1852 IMG_1664

We attended my 10yr reunion, Easy turned 30, and we camped out a lot. At the end of the year I graduated from nursing school.

On our way to my grad dinner Dec 2010

We take a new position in Arkansas in February of 2011 and are here just 3 weeks later. I get my first nursing job, Blondes starts Kindergarten, and we have little Rosie. Things get hectic with me being at work as a full time night nurse.

All 6 of Us, Dec 2011

Now after 9 years I'm at home now managing 4 little women. Easy is working hard as always. We are exploring AR and all that it has to offer. We had enjoyed visits from friends and family.


We are every bit in love as we were 9 years ago on our wedding day. Actually we are more in love. It is a love that comes with time, trial, experience, and joy. I had no idea on the day of our wedding the kind of man I was marrying. Looking back, I had no idea the kind of father he would be, the kind of provider he would be, or the kind of friend he would be. I thought I knew and I hoped I was right, but I was pretty naive. We have grown up together. We do disagree and we do upset each other, but at the end of the day I'm so glad that it is his head that is laying down next to mine. Easy is my bestest friend and I am not myself without him. Marriage is such a beautiful thing and I cherish it everyday. We have built something that I am so proud to call our own.

Happy Anniversary Babe!


Clandestine Road said...

"It is a love that comes with time, trial, experience, and joy." Perfectly said.

Happy anniversary!


Mrs. Nettles said...

Happy Anniversary Hays! What a sweet post!

Kelli said...

i love posts like this...revisiting the preblogging days.

also, i love your short blond hair. i am in the middle of a 'short or long?' hair debate with myself. i thought i had my mind made up to stay long, but now i don't know...

but that's beside the point. happy anniversary!

Leslie said...

I too LOVE the short hair! It works so well on you. Congrats to nine years! Also? My iPhone sort of hates your word verification which is why I can't comment more often. :(

Carly said...

Totally remember your first apartment. How we spent the night one time because the road to Wallsburg was closed. Good times. I remember how you ate dinner with us in Wally and then puked it up later. Yay for morning sickness! ha!

Happy Anniversary!

Rach said...

loved this post. loved all the pictures.

Lori said...

You guys are cute. I love the way you write. When your wedding invite was hanging on our fridge we had some friends over for dinner. They said you both looked like models. Pretty good, eh? Congrats!

Candy said...

Very cool story and pictures! loved to hear your little story. Happy Anniversary to you.
Darling family you have!

JCLS said...

Love this post! Remember your bridal shower that we threw for you and we had crepes? Yummy. Oh good times......I am glad I was able to be your friend during you and E's dating and engagement!

You are amazing!

Christina // floresdelsol said...

that was so beautiful. i especially love the first paragraph. the first paragraph of your life together :)))

Stephanie Gardiner said...

Love this post. We miss you guys!

sheena said...

you guys are the best.

Courtney said...

That was the best post ever!
Loved the pics.

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