We headed out for our fabulous spring break over 2 weeks ago. It all feels like a complete dream to be honest with you. It just came and went no matter how hard I was trying to just soak it all in.

Our first stop was MEMPHIS, TN just 5 hours from home. You better believe that we not only had some amazing ribs and walked along the Mississippi but, but we also went to Graceland and checked out The King's quarters. As we were grabbing a quick souvenir on the way out Mae asked where The King was and when we were going to see him. I personally felt like we had seen way too much of the guy.

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For dinner we hit up the highly recommended Corky's and ate too much meat. Finally, we all knocked out in a hotel. All six of us and one king bed + a pull out.

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I think we will have to go back again. It's not too far and I feel like there is so much more to see and do.

Next: Birmingham, AL + a trip to the ER.

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Easy said...

Dear H,
Just wanted you to know: I still read your blog.

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