Perdido Key, FL --->


After spending 3 days in and out of the car I'm sure the girls figured we were never getting to the beach. When we arrived they couldn't get down to the sand fast enough.

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And that is where they spent the next three days building sand castles, digging forts, chasing birds, and enjoying the waves lick their feet and legs.


After all day on the beach in the sun we went exploring around the natural parks in white sand of the dunes.

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Roo enjoyed the sand most and would sit for hours sifting it through her fingers. Her olive skin quickly bronzed in the sunshine and she held on tight to fingers as the waves raced up and down the shoreline after her.


Miss Rosie slumbered away with the sounds of the ocean lulling her to sleep. Poor baby endured a tiny sunburn on her face the first day and I felt like a rotten mother for the rest of the trip. She kept on smiling though.


This girl belongs at the beach with her long limbs and bleached hair. She was brave in the waves and turned out to be quite the digger. She also has an eye for finding the most perfect shells.

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And then there is my adventurous one. Chasing seagulls, climbing to the top of the lighthouse with her dad, digging digging digging, and finally touching a Portugese Man of War to endure a stinging finger for hours.

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Our whole trip we ate good! My secret? An app call iWant. I have been sold on it since my little trip to San Diego a year ago.

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Shrimp and Grits at Fisherman's Corner

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As for Easy and I - I'm pretty sure we didn't stop smiling the entire time. It was so magical having no agenda, snuggling our chickies nonstop, and exploring the south together.

If we are still in Arkie next spring you might just find us in the Perdido Key again!

Goodbyes from condo balcony.


Alisha said...

LOVE the pic of the blowing wind and of tall ava!
happy you got to go.

Leslie said...

So jealous of your travels!

Rachelle said...

the beach is so so good to us. i know i complain about not having a house and a yard and all that but the beach does make up for it.

so glad you had time to enjoy with your kiddos.

the crew said...

sounds like such a glorious time! I think we could use a trip like that:)

Jord said...

What a lovely trip. That sand looks almost like snow and I'm SOOOO glad you got such a well deserved break.

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