April Faves and Craves


1. I have had some peeps ask where I've gotten my cabochon earrings. I have made them myself, but also have some from here at Erica's little shop.

2. I've really been missing my Volcano candle from Anthropologie. I really like this one. Perhaps an anniversary gift to myself.

3. Looking to expand our mid century colored glass vase collection. I'd love to have a full spectrum. My eyes are always hunting for them at thrift stores.

4. Want some rugs for the house that aren't just carpet remnants.

5. I'd love to get myself some nice sunglasses. Unfortunately I think I'm too irresponsible for them. I mentioned to Easy that I could just get a hard case. He said it would need a lock on it....from me.

6. How cute are these sandals? Curses to my high arches!!

7. These Bremudas were a steal last weekend at ON's Stuff-and-Save. I should have bought 2 pair.

8. I want to live everyday in a Maxi skirt. Mine is from here.

9. So so so grateful for my Chacos. They kept my arches in check this last 2 weeks while nursing my Plantar Fasciitis. I have two pair. One is going on 5 years and the other 4. I've accepted the fact that I can never wear another kind of flip.


Clandestine Road said...

That candle (#2) changed my life.

Not really. But it does smell unbelievable. Happy anniversary.

I had no idea people with PF could wear flip flops. I'll check those out. I miss having summer shoes.


Hays said...


i have to wear the sturdier ones (with the heel strap) when it's been aggravated, but when the PF is doing good i can wear my chaco flips all day every day.

they are pricey but worth every penny :)

Clandestine Road said...

The heel straps like this one?


Thanks for entertaining my questions! Did you race? How'd it go?

Hays said...

yes like that one.

and no i didn't race. i might do the war eagle train race in june or the run for a child this fall. not sure if i can do 10k in june. eek!

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