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Every quarter the elementary school gives out awards to students. Little Miss here is the proud owner of her second one.

She really is quite the little writer. Here a few of my favorites.


(My dad killed a bat at my Grandma's house in the middle of the night)

True story. Have us tell you it someday.



This one pulls at my heart. She is always telling me that she never wants to move out.


I could look at her little journals all day. Kindergarten is the best!

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While I went to get a picture of Blondes I told the other two to stay put.
Roo listened.
MaeMae didn't.


Mandy said...

Bat story is by far my favorite. :) She is growing up so much. love her

Ash said...

Oh man Ava's stories are the cutest! I want to read more of them! I miss you guys so bad.

Alisha said...

can't keep my hands off is my fav!

TheKeilShpeel said...

Love this. I've been holding on to Kyle's too. I'll have to scan some of them. I love how their pictures have evolved and love how they write how it sounds :). Such sweet stories.

tt moreno said...

so sweet, i love the drawings too. i love the last photo is fab. what a good little listener.

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