digging dirt


my sis-in-law wrote today about spring and how anxious she and her little family are for it this year.

i'm feeling the same way. the other day i couldn't help but snag some flowers at the store and dig up the dirt around my front walk. it makes me nervous because it still seems like it's too early (it's currently hailing), but i can't help myself. especially because my little ones also love to dig up the dirt. they get excited about worms, mud, and bugs. they aren't afraid of getting their nails dirty or feeling the icy hose water flow between their toes and soak up their pant-legs. i love seeing this in them. i love that they at least, for now, share my passion.

planting, feeding, and watching things grow is so therapeutic to me. i can't wait to be at a place in my life where we know we are staying put long enough to watch trees grow and plan landscaping. it gets me giddy thinking about it and sends swarming thoughts of growing, harvesting, and feeding my family from our very own big fat organic garden!

for now we settle on a small raised bed, herbs in pots, and cheap annuals that i don't mind saying goodbye to when we up and move again. it satisfies my need to dig up the dirt without getting to attached.

my sweet helpers enjoying a snack after planting our goods

p.s. remember when i moved my dirt? haha. that was rad.


Meg said...

every spring I totally regret not planting asparagus! We're putting our house on the market, but that's not stopping me from planting a garden, either. I mean...who doesn't find rows of greens charming and enticing? And I can't live without my garden.
A fruit orchard and asparagus are numero uno on my list of purchases for my next home!

nicwoo said...

I feel you.

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