Being Home


If you were to ask me how it has been staying home full-time I would tell you 4 things.

1. I'm a better mom. My kids are hilarious and extremely clever. I have found that there is so much more time for me to talk to them and appreciate them. It's more than the cliche, "How was school?" Now, I feel like our conversations are personal and playful. The girls aren't as emotional and I'm not as short with them. I feel like my patience has been extended. It's wonderful.

2. I have a new found love for cleaning my home. Did I just write that? Whaaa? Yeah, I actually have kinda taken pride in having things organized where before I felt angry about it being a mess. I consistently struggled trying to catch up to it. I want my kids to come home and have a place to play free from clutter and chaos where they can build forts and let their imaginations run wild. It's amazing how it can change all our moods.

3. I'm a better wife. I feel like I can just focus on Easy. The poor man has done nothing but worry about me and the girls the last year. Seriously, he was worried sick. The pregnancy, night-shift, taking the girls to daycare, getting them all ready in the mornings, packing lunches, and putting them to bed at night. He deserves someone to just take care of him for a while - but I'm still not packing him a lunch.

4. We have eaten more cake, more cookies, and I didn't buy a frozen pizza at the store last week. Truly amazing.

I know I said 4 but I'm changing it to 5...

5. I busted out my sewing machine today. Let the games begin!


Christina // floresdelsol said...

cant wait to see what you will do with all your free time! i know you'll be getting creative.
i dont pack my hubs lunch either. is that bad?

Rachelle said...

holla! more cookies and cakes AND the sewing machine is out. welcome home friend!

Ashley K. said...

This is exactly how I felt when I decided to stay home Hayley! It is nice to clear the chaos in your head. I clearly am baking way to much though... as seen on insta.

Jord said...

I am so happy for you! This post just makes me smile and I am so glad you are all able to sit back and just enjoy life.

Rhonda said...

I'm looking forward to seeing some of your sewing projects!! :)

And good for you!! I've worked the whole time my kids have been little...now I kinda regret it...though it's different for me because I work for my father so it's still like being home when I'm at work. So at least I've always had a little bit of swing in my job. :)

nicwoo said...

Those are in the right order too, a clean(er) home is one way to take care of everyone including yourself. My spouse appreciates it the most! He's got plenty of room to make is lunch. ;) So very happy for you!

Alisha said...

welcome home is right!

Amber said...

this is what i needed tonight...i'm preggers with no.4 now, surprise. and i have no time, no energy, no playful conversations...I'm too busy, too short with the kids and my life is complicated by not being able to stay home with them. I hardly see them at all. How nice it will be to not teach 17 dance classes a week and not feel the weight and responsibility of keeping 104 little dancers and their moms happy. Life has become tough with this pregnancy and I haven't had any time for my own 3 kids...or look at any blogs either. Just wanted you to know I was too tired to sleep and decided to look at brittney and your blog tonight...and it's made a big difference. Thank you for being you. much love.

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