Newest Trick

The littlest one has a new trick.

I loved capturing her sweet roll the other day on camera and when I was editing it I became a little emotional seeing her big beautiful eyes and sweet smile.

I love this baby tremendously and am enjoying being home full time so much. It is completely true that she has me wrapped around her tiny fingers.




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We are back from FL and had the most amazing time in the Perdido Key. Now we are just trying to get into the swing of things again and enjoy having Easy's parents here. I'll be back soon. Promise. ;)

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My Writer

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Every quarter the elementary school gives out awards to students. Little Miss here is the proud owner of her second one.

She really is quite the little writer. Here a few of my favorites.


(My dad killed a bat at my Grandma's house in the middle of the night)

True story. Have us tell you it someday.



This one pulls at my heart. She is always telling me that she never wants to move out.


I could look at her little journals all day. Kindergarten is the best!

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While I went to get a picture of Blondes I told the other two to stay put.
Roo listened.
MaeMae didn't.


Being Home


If you were to ask me how it has been staying home full-time I would tell you 4 things.

1. I'm a better mom. My kids are hilarious and extremely clever. I have found that there is so much more time for me to talk to them and appreciate them. It's more than the cliche, "How was school?" Now, I feel like our conversations are personal and playful. The girls aren't as emotional and I'm not as short with them. I feel like my patience has been extended. It's wonderful.

2. I have a new found love for cleaning my home. Did I just write that? Whaaa? Yeah, I actually have kinda taken pride in having things organized where before I felt angry about it being a mess. I consistently struggled trying to catch up to it. I want my kids to come home and have a place to play free from clutter and chaos where they can build forts and let their imaginations run wild. It's amazing how it can change all our moods.

3. I'm a better wife. I feel like I can just focus on Easy. The poor man has done nothing but worry about me and the girls the last year. Seriously, he was worried sick. The pregnancy, night-shift, taking the girls to daycare, getting them all ready in the mornings, packing lunches, and putting them to bed at night. He deserves someone to just take care of him for a while - but I'm still not packing him a lunch.

4. We have eaten more cake, more cookies, and I didn't buy a frozen pizza at the store last week. Truly amazing.

I know I said 4 but I'm changing it to 5...

5. I busted out my sewing machine today. Let the games begin!


suddenly spring

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The high temp for today is 80.

It feels simply amazing outside. Warm sun. Cool breeze. Fresh air.

I adore Arkie in the spring.

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So we had a picnic with friends.

Finger food for all the little fingers + some special sparkling cider to wash it all down.

And it was perfect.


happy weekend


i am so excited to snuggle this sweet little thing all weekend long!


p.s. notice her eye color? her left eye is partially brown on the bottom of her iris, but otherwise they are completely blue.
fancy, huh?


digging dirt


my sis-in-law wrote today about spring and how anxious she and her little family are for it this year.

i'm feeling the same way. the other day i couldn't help but snag some flowers at the store and dig up the dirt around my front walk. it makes me nervous because it still seems like it's too early (it's currently hailing), but i can't help myself. especially because my little ones also love to dig up the dirt. they get excited about worms, mud, and bugs. they aren't afraid of getting their nails dirty or feeling the icy hose water flow between their toes and soak up their pant-legs. i love seeing this in them. i love that they at least, for now, share my passion.

planting, feeding, and watching things grow is so therapeutic to me. i can't wait to be at a place in my life where we know we are staying put long enough to watch trees grow and plan landscaping. it gets me giddy thinking about it and sends swarming thoughts of growing, harvesting, and feeding my family from our very own big fat organic garden!

for now we settle on a small raised bed, herbs in pots, and cheap annuals that i don't mind saying goodbye to when we up and move again. it satisfies my need to dig up the dirt without getting to attached.

my sweet helpers enjoying a snack after planting our goods

p.s. remember when i moved my dirt? haha. that was rad.


last day

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i get to work around 6:45pm.

i had some dip in tow for my little going away potluck and the trusty breast-pump that i have been borrowing from a friend since Miss Rosie was born.

i swipe my badge and get report. a patient with reconstructive facial surgery, another that had a crushed leg from a motorcycle vs car accident, one with a COPD exacerbation, one with back surgery, a patient with chest pain, and finally one that had surgery on a kidney.

the night goes:

rounding and charting
take a break to pump
lunch potluck yeah-ya!
chart checks
update my notes
another round of meds
finally another update of notes
give report to day shift
and then i clean out my locker/box, say goodbyes, and head home at 7:45am

funniest thing ever is that as i'm writing out my final notes someone mentioned how my life was going to be all "rainbows and unicorns" now that i'll be home with my babies. in my tired daze i proceeded to unconsciously write unicorns on my note. since nurses notes cannot be altered i had to leave it with just a strike-through and pray that no one will ever ever audit that chart.

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i walk out looking back on the hospital and the last year i have spent there. i have adored most of my patients and been totally aggravated by others. there are some that i will never forget. i have learned that when things are crazy, stressful, and unnerving from 7-11pm it all eventually slows down and i will catch up and have time to use the bathroom and breathe. i decided that i was completely naive in ever wanting a motorcycle after seeing the injuries from riders that were careless or unseen. i have learned that med-surg nursing is absolutly respectable and probably harder than any other nursing job out there. i have discovered that the learning curve is steep and slippery - just when i thought i was getting ahead of the game i would learn that i was still a "baby nurse".

mostly i learned how precious life is. how miraculous our bodies are. and how amazing science is. i learned about denial, loss, defeat, and hope. i learned that sometimes no words are the best words of all and that just holding someones hand can be more healing than drugs.

i will miss it tremendously and i do wholeheartedly anticipate the day when i get to return to the hospital.

but i know that now is my time with my family. i need them. they need me. the patients will always be there - my babies won't.
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