LE---AP Day

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Today was pretty typical for a Wednesday even though it's Leap Day. Are you supposed to do something special on Leap Day??

School. Preschool. Laundry. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I heard on the news this morning that it takes the world 365 days to orbit the sun plus 6 hours. Thus, the reason for Leap Day. Logical I know, but I had never heard it broken down before.

So, I went running today. I can only seem to make it a mile before my left knee starts hurting and I'm suppose to run a 5k in April. Uh oh. I also did a pullup. Yep, one amazing pullup. At one time in my life (Jr High) I could do something like 5. Haha!

This is my last week at work here! We are so thrilled! Trust me, the life of a working momma is not for the birds. Heck, the life of any momma is not for the birds. It's going to be so awesome (and weird) staying home. I've either been a student or working for 5 years now. I think I'll sleep for the first 2 weeks.

Three of my little chicks are currently dancing around in their swimsuits, using straws as wands, and jumping from the couches into the "ocean" of our shag rug. We can't wait for Florida! We need it.

I'm racking my head for birthday ideas for Easy. He'll be 32 this month. 32! I'm thinking I'll just plan a day together for us to just...be us.

Dinner tonight is grilled salmon, a green salad, and fresh breadsticks.

Happy Leap Day! Hope your was/is as normal as mine. Unless of course it's your birthday, which of course, is pretty freaking rad.

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Alisha said...

i really enjoyed this post! it made me feel like we were hanging again and chit chatting.

btw, i agree completely. leap year birthday would be awesome.

also, is mae mae picking a wedge?

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