February Faves and Craves

feb fc

so are you loving all this neon out there or what??

i'm totally digging it.

1. been looking for an eames rocker at a decent price. there are just sooo many manufacturers out there from cheap to pricey and i'm not sure the best option.

2. pink jeans. thank you ali! these will be awesome for spring.

3. loving this neon necklace.

4. saw these little wings on pinterest the other day. i knew i need to make them. then i thought about how they would be fought over. then i thought i would need to make 4. then i decided to rethink the whole thing over.

5. oh this ring! i la la love it. and not quite as pricey as i thought it would be.

6. i've been converted to the chambray. honestly i was like, denim shirt? coming back? no!! then i got this one and i really do want to wear it everyday.

7. the time has come where my big girls have started wearing out shoes faster then they are growing out of them. so cheap-o ones from walmart and target just aren't cutting it anymore. it was so fun getting GM some hot pink Saucony's this week :)

8. kinda want a new floppy hat for florida.

9. i think i'm going to chalk my hair today.

listening to:

the xx


the lost wife
by alyson richman


Courtney said...

I'm loving the NEON everywhere too so much!!! I'm going to be the big neon preggo lady!
I love Greta's shoes.
And who would have ever thought denim shirts would come back?!
Your blog is so fun Hayley. Come rescue mine.

Chelsie Campbell said...

Ditto to the neon!! Loving it! Denim shirts- wha?! I think the same thing every time I see em- then it grows on me- then i think, but what do you wear it with?? Style tips please!

the crew said...

I saw that rocker the other day and thought of you:)

Fun stuff!

Leslie said...

I am way more accepting of denim shirts than I am of Neon only because I am not one to pull neon off well. I'm too pale! But rock it if you can! :)

Rachelle said...

lets talk about chambray. 4 years ago, maybe 5 (oh yes!) my husband bought a chambray shirt at a thrift store. i made fun of him. he said, "just wait rachelle, they'll be everywhere in a few years". and they are. and i ate my words. and i love mine. whatever! i'm keeping mine for-ever!

Ashley K. said...

Ooh laa laa, I have some new MUST haves now too!

{Erica} said...

I love all of these! Jonas the the grey and orange version of the shoes. Got them for $9.99!!! Bought three pairs in larger sizes so he can have them for a while :)

Jord said...

Loving your loves. I must commit to the chambray...or pull my 1990 one out of the closet. When you come we'll have to hit up the LC because they have awesome, sturdy kid shoes for 12.99 a pair. Bring an extra suitcase.

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