My Mae


Every so often I'll take a picture of one of my daughters and it seems that you can see right through them to what they will someday be. It is magical to me and yeah, a little bit scary.

Someday my fiesty, emotional, curious, and silly MaeMae will turn into a confident, beautiful, and ambitious woman. I'll hate that day, but I look forward to it eagerly. Such is the life of a mother.

Her and I often don't see eye to eye.

She can be both sneaky and demanding, yet extremely passionate and agreeable. She loves us with her whole being, literally, as I have to remind her before every hug and kiss to be gentle and not squeeze so tight.

At the end of the day, after the arguing and defiance has subsided my feisty little girl always wants nothing more than for me to hold her, give her Eskimo kisses, and talk to her in whispers. I keep these little moments tucked in my pocket as they make every time out, screaming fit, and all the back-talking so absolutly worth it.

Her hair: I wet one chunk at a time with a spray bottle then ran paper chalk all along it, combed it through, then ran a flat iron over it to heat-set the pigment. It will stay in a couple of days or until your wash it as long as it is done this way.

Paper chalk I used:



tt moreno said...

how sweet. i have these moments everyday too.

i love her hair too! i dont think it would work on my girls' brown hair though

the crew said...

that sounds so very familiar:)

we will have to try the hair color, Lu has asked a couple of times if we could.

Jord said...

I love Mae and her passionate personality and am sure with you as her mother she'll survive teen-hood with grace and style.

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